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In San Diego, CA, some employers may require their staff to get certain occupational health tests to ensure that they can safely perform their jobs. Workplace testing often includes employment physicals, antibody tests, biometrics, diagnostic blood tests, respiratory health tests, tuberculosis (TB) tests, vaccines, or vision and hearing tests.

Health Street provides occupational health testing for many industries during the application phase, when employees return to work after an extended absence, after workplace incidents occur, and as part of a routine screening process. Identify dangers that could affect the wellbeing of staff or customers, and reduce the risk of illness or disease by scheduling an occupational health test at one of our professional clinics.

Registering for occupational health testing in San Diego, CA is easy. Simply enter your ZIP code, choose a clinic, and register online. Occupational health tests can also be scheduled via phone by calling (858) 221-4336.

Occupational Health Testing in San Diego, CA

Antibody Testing

(starting at $149)

Check if a person has antibodies to specific diseases, such as:

  • Varicella (Chickenpox)
  • MMR (measles, mumps, rubella)
  • hepatitis A, B, and C

Biometric Testing

(starting at $75)

Collect key measurements of a person’s physical health, such as:

  • Blood pressure
  • BMI
  • Weight
  • Lipid and blood glucose

Diagnostic Blood

(starting at $78)

Measure a person’s blood for important health indicators like:

  • Kidney and liver function
  • Electrolytes
  • Sugar level

Employment Physicals

(starting at $125)

Physicals in San Diego can include:

  • DOT physicals
  • Non-DOT physicals
  • Kraus Weber lower back exams
  • Lift tests

Respiratory Health

(starting at $80)

Assess respiratory health by registering for:

  • Pulmonary function tests
  • EKGs
  • X-rays
  • Respirator fit tests

Tuberculosis (TB)

(starting at $125)

Tuberculosis testing options in San Diego include:

  • Oxford T-Spot tests
  • PPD skin tests
  • Chest x-rays


(starting at $229)

Reduce the spread of disease with vaccines, such as:

  • Varicella (Chickenpox)
  • MMR (measles, mumps, rubella)
  • Tetanus
  • Hepatitis A and B

Vision & Hearing

(starting at $75)

Choose an audiometric test, or any of four vision tests:

  • Isihara
  • Jaeger
  • Snellen
  • Titmus

San Diego Occupational Health Laws, Acts, and Legislation

San Diego occupational health laws require employers to report COVID-19 outbreaks. Employers must notify employees who may have been exposed to the virus and report outbreaks to the local health department. An outbreak is considered three confirmed positive cases of COVID-19 in the workplace within a 14-day period. This San Diego occupational health law applies to all public and private employers except for healthcare facilities.
Employment physicals may be used as part of San Diego occupation health services, but only during the job offer, post-job offer, and during employment. Employers may not require applicants to pay for the medical exam and may not deduct or withhold any compensation.
California law requires that all healthcare workers and employees that face occupational exposures be offered the hepatitis B vaccine unless the employee has received the full hepatitis B vaccine series or antibody testing showing immunity.
San Diego occupational health and the state of California require all general acute care hospitals to offer the annual influenza vaccine at no cost to the employee. Employees of acute care hospitals must receive the influenza vaccine or sign a document stating they have declined it. California Code Regs. tit. 8, § 5199 states that employers must make seasonal influenza vaccines available to employees with occupational exposure and ensure that employees that decline the vaccine sign a statement of vaccine declination.
Employers of healthcare workers and those at high risk for aerosol transmission are required to assess for latent tuberculosis (TB) in all employees with occupational exposure, according to the California Code of Regulations, Title 8, Section 5199. TB testing and screening must be performed annually to ensure the employee’s health and reduce the risk of disease outbreaks in the workplace.
California Code Regs., tit. 8, § 3205 states that employers must offer COVID-19 testing to fully-vaccinated employees after close contact with someone with COVID-19.
The information provided on this page is intended for informational purposes only, and should not be used in place of legal counsel in the relevant jurisdiction.

Local information for San Diego Occupational Testing

Workplace occupational health is crucial to the safety and health of employees and the protection of employers. In San Diego, workplace occupational health ensures employees receive personal protective equipment, safety equipment they need for their jobs, safe machines and equipment, protection from harmful chemicals, the right training they need to be safe in the workplace, and protection from communicable diseases. San Diego workplace health applies to any industries that are at high risk for accidents, injuries, disease exposures, and exposure to harmful chemicals. Examples of industries that benefit from workplace occupational health include construction, healthcare, and transportation. Employers can ensure the safety of their workers by utilizing San Diego occupational health services.

San Diego is part of California’s largest OSHA plan in the nation, administered by the Division of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH), also known as Cal/OSHA. In 2019 alone, Cal/OSHA was responsible for citing 18,896 hazards, which created safer working conditions for over 8.4 million employees in California and a fatality rate lower than the national rate. The plan assists San Diego occupational health services by setting and enforcing standards; providing education, outreach, and assistance; and issuing approvals, registrations, permits, licenses, and certifications.


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