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In Norfolk, VA, some employers may require their staff to get certain occupational health tests to ensure that they can safely perform their jobs. Workplace testing often includes employment physicals, antibody tests, biometrics, diagnostic blood tests, respiratory health tests, tuberculosis (TB) tests, vaccines, or vision and hearing tests.

Health Street provides occupational health testing for many industries during the application phase, when employees return to work after an extended absence, after workplace incidents occur, and as part of a routine screening process. Identify dangers that could affect the wellbeing of staff or customers, and reduce the risk of illness or disease by scheduling an occupational health test at one of our professional clinics.

Registering for occupational health testing in Norfolk, VA is easy. Simply enter your ZIP code, choose a clinic, and register online. Occupational health tests can also be scheduled via phone by calling (757) 819-4272.

Occupational Health Testing in Norfolk, VA

Antibody Tests

(starting at $149)

Determine if a person has immunity to a specific disease, such as hepatitis, varicella (Chickenpox), or MMR.



(starting at $75)

Evaluate physical characteristics of a person and collect key measurements, such as blood pressure, weight, BMI, and more.


Diagnostic Blood Tests

(starting at $78)

Check for important health indicators in a person's blood like sugar level, electrolytes, and kidney and liver function.


Employment Physicals

(starting at $125)

DOT and non-DOT physicals are available in Norfolk to meet the needs of all industries.


Respiratory Health

(starting at $80)

Respiratory screenings can include respirator fit tests, pulmonary function tests, EKGs, and x-rays.


Tuberculosis (TB)

(starting at $125)

Diagnose tuberculosis infections using PPD skin tests, Oxford T-Spot tests, or chest x-rays.



(starting at $229)

Vaccines are available for varicella (Chickenpox), MMR, tetanus, hepatitis A, and hepatitis B.


Vision & Hearing

(starting at $75)

Ensure employees can safely perform their jobs with four different vision tests and audiometric testing.


Norfolk Occupational Health Laws, Acts, and Legislation

Title 40.1 Labor and Employment – provides job safety and health protection for workers in the state of Virginia.
Norfolk Administrative General Order 325 requires sworn police employees to be medically assessed and physically fit to perform the essential tasks of the job and promote a healthy lifestyle.
6VAC35-101-155 – all employees of Juvenile Secure Detention Centers must undergo tuberculosis (TB) screening within 30 days prior to their start date at the facility and at least annually thereafter.
Code of Virginia, § 22.1-300 – all public school employees must submit a certificate signed by a licensed physician or registered nurse, certifying that they are free from communicable tuberculosis.
18VAC41-60-200 – body piercers must show proof of the full series of Hepatitis B vaccine, proof of immunity by blood titer, or a written declaration of refusal.
18VAC41-50-400 – tattooers and permanent cosmetic tattooers must show proof of the full series of Hepatitis B vaccine, proof of immunity by blood titer, or a written declaration of refusal.
The information provided on this page is intended for informational purposes only, and should not be used in place of legal counsel in the relevant jurisdiction.

Local information for Norfolk Occupational Testing

Norfolk workplace health laws are governed by the Virginia Occupational Safety and Health (VOSH) Administration, which was established under Virginia law, Title 40.1. The VOSH board adopts and enforces job safety and health standards, which employers and employees are required to comply with.

Ensuring strict compliance with Norfolk occupational health laws benefits employers in many ways. Not only does this help employers avoid disciplinary action for failure to comply, but ensuring a safe and healthy workplace also helps improve employee morale and may reduce turnover, sick calls, and even workers' compensation claims.

Employees enjoy several benefits as well. When everyone works together to ensure safety, there's far less chance of suffering from a work-related injury or illness. Workers who understand how to access Norfolk occupational health services will also have the ability to report unsafe working conditions before they cause a serious problem. Employees who are clear about their responsibilities under the law can also avoid unintentionally creating a dangerous work environment for their coworkers.

There are many State of Virginia and City of Norfolk occupational health rules designed to protect both employers and employees. For example, to help curb the transmission of communicable diseases, workplace occupational health rules require certain employees to submit to tuberculosis (TB) screenings to ensure they are free from communicable forms of the disease. This includes employees in juvenile secure detention facilities and all public-school employees.

In addition, in the state of Virginia, all tattooers and body piercers must show proof of full hepatitis B vaccination or immunity to the disease, or submit a declaration of refusal.

Some Norfolk occupational health rules have also been enacted to ensure employees in certain fields are physically fit enough to perform the duties of their job. In June of 2014, the City of Norfolk issued Administrative General Order 325, which requires all sworn police officers employed with the city to participate in an annual medical exam and be cleared for duty. They must also participate in an annual fitness assessment and sign an acknowledgment that on-duty or off-duty use of tobacco products is prohibited as a condition of employment. Candidates for employment with the Norfolk Fire-Rescue department must also pass a physical ability test (PAT) prior to employment.

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