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Health Street provides drug and alcohol testing in Ludington, Michigan at our drug testing center. Whether you need drug and alcohol testing for your employees, yourself, or a family member, you can rest assured that Health Street drug testing services in Ludington , MI provides a safe and clean environment and accurate results. We’ll send a barcode authorization for the urine or hair drug test that you choose by text and email, along with a map to the clinic address.

Register for urine or hair drug tests in Ludington, MI quickly and easily online. Drug testing panels include Department of Transportation (DOT) and non-DOT urine drug tests, breath alcohol tests, EtG alcohol tests, and hair drug testing. Test results are fast, reviewed by our Medical Review Officer (an MRO), and reported safely and securely online. You can also call (231) 525-7193 with any questions about our employment screening services.

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Drug Testing in Ludington, Michigan

Ludington MI Drug Testing Locations

Types of Drug Testing in Ludington, Michigan labs:

In Ludington, Health Street offers the widest variety and selection of drug tests anywhere, which allows employers, courts, attorneys, and private individuals to choose from a wide variety of non-DOT or DOT drug and alcohol tests which can detect virtually any substance.

Available Testing Methods

Urine Drug Testing (DOT or non-DOT)
Alcohol Testing (breath alcohol or EtG tests)

StaffGlass™ eResults portal for Employers

Business users get access to the amazing StaffGlass™ eResults portal. Once logged in, business users can:

Register for drug or alcohol tests and pick clinics nationwide; view results and status of all tests
Set up State Background Checks and view results
Register staff for Occupational Health Services
Manage eSign documents related to the testing process
Setup a DOT random pool, manage staff, update small business consortium enrollment

Why Health Street

A Decade Plus of Experience

Health Street has provided drug tests since 2010. The first time we performed drug testing in Ludington, MI was in 2017.  From then until now, we have completed 98 drug tests at our Ludington labs. 

Dedicated to Excellence

We are dedicated to providing a level of excellence in drug testing in Ludington that is unmatched. 

Ludington, MI Drug Testing

What Are Drug Tests Used For?

There are various reasons why individuals, attorneys, or businesses require drug testing. Drug testing ensures the safety of the company, workers, customers, children, and the public, and is often required in the workplace or in court.


Employment drug testing reduces workplace accidents, injuries, and fatalities, protecting employees, customers, and the general public. Employment drug tests in Ludington include pre-employment, accident, DOT, random, and post-accident testing.

Court Mandates

The court may require drug testing for probation pre-sentencing, to ensure compliance with probation or parole, or to identify individuals who need treatment for drug use.

Child Custody

Child Family Investigators, mediators, and attorneys use drug testing in custody cases. Drug testing keeps the child safe by ensuring a safe living environment.

Michigan State Laws Around Employment Drug Testing

There are no specific laws for private employers around drug testing in Ludington, MI, or throughout the state. However, Michigan and Ludington employers must understand not just Michigan workplace drug testing laws, but the federal laws that protect the rights of employees.

Pre-Employment Testing Law & Regulations

Private Michigan employers can drug test and refuse to hire an applicant based on a positive drug test. However, employers are urged to develop a clear and written drug testing policy.

As of October 1, 2023, Michigan dropped the pre-employment drug screening of marijuana for some state employees. State and Ludington marijuana testing will continue for some government employees, including those who handle hazardous materials, drive, or operate heavy machinery. State and Ludington drug screening can still include opiates, amphetamines, cocaine, and phencyclidine.

Workplace Accident Testing & Regulations

There are no restrictions on workplace accident drug screening in Ludington and the state of Michigan. However, employers must ensure they comply with federal laws protecting the rights of employees and applicants, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Can Employers Test for Marijuana Even Though It’s Legal in Michigan?

Although Michigan marijuana laws legalized the recreational use of marijuana, private employers can still drug test in Ludington and Michigan. However, as of October 2023, some state government positions no longer check for marijuana while drug testing in Ludington, MI, or throughout the state.

Last updated 11/14/2023

Neighborhoods in Ludington Served by our Clinics

Atmans Court
Bonnie Heights
Dewey Road
Hamilton Lake Estates
Juniper Hills
Lincoln Lake
Marquette Hills
Partridge Pointe North
Rednalis Woods Estates
Riverview Estates
Sky View Estates
Washington Woods

Additional Services

Health Street offers a variety of other services, including:

Michigan Background Check for businesses hiring in Ludington, MI


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