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Reasonable Suspicion Drug and Alcohol Testing

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When an employee's actions or behavior threaten workplace safety or performance, employers may determine that reasonable suspicion drug and alcohol testing is indicated. Rather than making a clinical diagnosis of a substance abuse problem, the employer should make this determination based upon objective criteria that can be articulated clearly. For example, if an employee’s behavior or physical appearance suggests current intoxication or drug use due to slurred speech, stumbling, or the smell of alcohol or drugs, the basis for reasonable suspicion can be formed, and an immediate test can be ordered.

If you decide to request an employee to undergo drug and alcohol testing based on reasonable suspicion, call us at (888) 407-7650. We can arrange for testing at one of our clinics, or we can deploy somebody to your place of business to conduct the testing on-site.

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About Reasonable Suspicion Drug and Alcohol Testing

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Tests administered for Reasonable Suspicion

Reasonable Suspicion Drug and Alcohol Testing

When there is a reasonable suspicion of drug or alcohol use, a breath alcohol test and a urine drug test are conducted. Breathalyzers determine if someone is currently under the influence of alcohol. And, depending on the employer and type of employment, a five, nine or 10 panel urine drug test may be requested. For DOT covered employees, a DOT Breath Alcohol test and DOT 5 panel Urine test are the only options.