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Post-Accident Test

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Has an accident just occurred at your workplace? Does an employee appear to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs? This is something that can happen at any time, whether it involves a safety-sensitive DOT employee or not. Accidents may occur after business hours or on a weekend, when your nearest clinic isn’t open, or in some cases, you may not be able to transport the employee to the clinic. In these cases, Health Street can provide immediate, on-site, Reasonable Suspicion or Post-Accident Drug Testing with our mobile lab.

If you purchase post accident testing online during business hours, call us at (888) 378-2499 to arrange for dispatch. Better yet, set up an account in advance during business hours so you will be prepared for the next time you have a need for post accident or reasonable suspicion drug testing.

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Post Accident Emergency Site Visit Options

Post Accident Emergency Site Visit
In the event of an accident on the job, transporting an employee to a drug testing location is often impractical. Emergency site visit testing provides immediate dispatch for DOT or non-DOT drug and alcohol testing. Find Clinic Now
On-Site Drug Testing (Scheduled)
On-sites can be scheduled for non-emergency events when groups of 10 or more employees need to be tested at the same time. Find Clinic Now

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Standard for Post-Accident Drug Testing?

Post-accident drug and alcohol testing is performed with a urine test and breath alcohol test, soon after the work-related accident occurs. The FMCSA states that an employer must test drivers for alcohol use within eight hours of the incident, and for controlled substances within 32 hours.

What are the DOT Requirements for Post-Accident Testing?

If your workplace is regulated by the Department of Transportation (DOT), there are specific guidelines for drug testing after accidents. The FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) provides a chart to show when a post-accident drug test is required after a crash.

Which Workplace Related Injuries Require Post-Accident Testing?

For your CDL drivers, the FMCSA states that post-accident drug testing is mandatory if a crash results in bodily injury with medical treatment at a hospital (if a citation is issued), or in the event of a human fatality, whether or not a citation was issued.

Other cases where a post-accident test is mandated includes any damage to a motor vehicle in which the driver was cited and the vehicle had to be towed away. The FMCSA also clearly outlines rules for random drug testing, reasonable suspicion tests, return-to-duty screenings, and follow-up exams. Health Street can help you set up your drug testing program.

Are There Any Extra Costs?

The following services are not included in the purchase of an on-site visit, but are available for additional fees.

Confirmation breath alcohol test (after an initial positive test), billed at $95.
Collector must wait for the donor to provide enough urine for the test. They can wait for up to 3 hours. Wait time is billed at $49 per half hour.
Required travel of more than 100 miles roundtrip is billed at $1 per additional mile.
Collector must wait or go elsewhere to perform the services. This may occur if the address given is incorrect or if the donor is not available when we arrive at the provided location. We charge $49 per half hour for wait time.

About Our Post-Accident Test

Health Street 24-Hour Drug and Alcohol Testing

When an accident occurs and you need drug testing for one of your workers, you cannot wait for your testing lab to open. Alcohol testing should occur within two hours and not more than eight hours after an accident occurs or suspicion. Health Street can immediately dispatch an on-site DOT or non-DOT drug and alcohol testing service to virtually any location within the U.S, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

We attempt to arrive within 1-2 hours, though we cannot guarantee this in the event of weather or extreme circumstances. If you purchase a post-incident test online, you can call us for immediate usage or use your credit for your next emergency visit. Many employers purchase credits in advance, so they don’t have to organize payment during an emergency or in the middle of the night.

For the cost of a mobile on-site visit, one DOT or non-DOT drug test (up to a 10 panel test) and one breath alcohol test are included.

For immediate dispatch, you must provide the location, employee’s name, etc. If you are calling us after hours, follow the phone prompts to reach an agent, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Why Post-Accident Drug Testing is Important for Your Business

From staying in compliance with government regulations to maintaining a drug-free workplace for the safety and health of your employees, post-accident drug testing is essential for your business. A drug test is the only way to know if substance abuse contributed to the incident. In addition to public safety and avoiding possible fines and lawsuits, keeping unsafe drivers off the road, and maintaining a spotless safety record is good for your bottom line and your company’s reputation. Following up immediately after a workplace incident, whether inside your facility or on the road, is a vital part of your business operations.

Why Choose Health Street

Health Street provides professional drug and alcohol screening services to tens of thousands of organizations. We offer management a wide selection of DOT and non-DOT testing, including on-site post-accident drug and alcohol tests. Test results are sent to you quickly and securely.

We also help our clients set up drug testing programs at their facilities to promote workplace safety and health. For our business clients, we offer a mobile-friendly platform, StaffGlass, which makes it easy and convenient to order drug and alcohol screening for your employees. You can then securely view and store the results to comply with local, state, and federal requirements. We partner with certified labs nationwide and have been in operation since 1994.

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