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On-Site Drug Testing

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Do you want to organize an on-site testing program for your employees, job candidates or athletes? Health Street can perform our On-Site Drug Testing at your business facility, job fair, or athletic event. Companies with more than 10 employees frequently order onsite drug testing services so they don’t have to organize complex scheduling to send staff to the clinic for specimen collection and drug testing. It doesn’t require employees to be off-site and can minimize work disruptions.

Register online or call (888) 378-2499. Please note that the costs of the screenings are not included in the site visit fee.

Workforce Screening, Digitally Delivered

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On-Site Drug Testing (Scheduled) Options

On-Site Drug Testing (Scheduled)
Employers often order this on-site service if they don’t want to send large groups of staff to our clinic for drug testing. There is a 10 person minimum for on-site events. The on-site fee includes one technician, and the costs of the tests are in addition to the site visit fee. Register Now
Post Accident Emergency Site Visit
When an accident occurs, it is often not possible to transport an employee to a testing site, especially if it is after hours. Health Street is able to provide immediate dispatch for DOT or non-DOT drug and alcohol testing services. Register Now

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Onsite Testing Work?

We come to your place of work to perform drug, alcohol, or steroid screens at any time of the day or night. We can screen as many of your staff as you’d like. There is a ten person minimum for scheduled onsite testing. The on-site fee does not include the cost of the tests.

Benefits of mobile on-site testing include:

Employees can stay on-site and productive. No need to schedule an appointment at a lab.
Fast and easy – more convenient for employers and employees. Minimal time is spent testing.
Saves you time – no individual scheduling and management is required.
No travel expenses and no overtime costs.
Far lower risk of employees trying to “cheat.” As soon as they are notified of the testing, we are there to obtain their specimen. Studies show onsite tests yield a higher positive rate than testing at clinics. This is likely due to the element of surprise.
Makes compliance easier for businesses that must adhere to DOT regulations for drug and alcohol testing.

If you are committed to stopping alcohol, drug and/or steroid use in your athletic league or workplace, on-site drug tests are the perfect solution.

How Much is Onsite Drug Testing?

With on-site drug testing services, your company will pay an onsite fee in addition to the individual costs of the tests, for as many employees as you’re having tested. Please contact Health Street for on-site visit costs, which varies according to your location.

How Long Does Onsite Testing Take?

Onsite drug testing is fast since no travel is required. The time for results depends on the type of test. For urine testing, an initial negative result is reported in one business day. Non-negative tests that require confirmation testing take three to five days.

Why Use Health Street for Your Onsite Drug Testing Program

Health Street serves tens of thousands of companies for their drug testing needs, including mobile on-site collection. We offer nationwide services. Every specimen collected is sent to a certified laboratory for analysis and results are confirmed by a medical review officer. Both DOT and non-DOT drug and alcohol tests are available. We also help businesses with their drug-free workplace program management and employee wellness programs.

In addition to alcohol and drug testing, we offer occupational health services such as annual check-ups, vaccines and immunizations, and antibody tests.

Register today to get set up with on-site drug screening for your organization and reach out to our team to learn more about Health Street’s onsite drug and alcohol testing services.

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Health Street offers many other options for drug and alcohol testing. If you’d like to see a comprehensive list of all the tests that Health Street offers, you can view all drug tests here.

If the onsite drug testing isn’t what you need, try taking a look at our Urine Drug Tests or our Hair Drug Tests.


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