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If your company employs safety-sensitive transportation employees, the Department of Transportation requires that supervisors complete two hours of DOT supervisor training. Reasonable suspicion training for supervisors trains management staff on how to recognize possible drug or alcohol use on the job, how to document it, when they should request a reasonable suspicion drug test for an employee, and how to go about making that request.

If you have safety sensitive employees in your organization, at least one of your supervisors must take reasonable suspicion training in the form of a two-hour class on recognizing the signs and symptoms of alcohol abuse and drug use. Health Street offers this flexible training program as a fun, interactive two-hour online session. Your supervisors can follow the class from their desk at work or from home. Register online or call (888) 378-2499.

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DOT Supervisor Training Options

DOT Supervisor Training Class
If required by the DOT to take a supervisor training class, Health Street offers a two hour program for both employees and supervisors. Once the course is completed, a certificate is issued as evidence for audits. This class is $99 per person. Find Clinic Now
DOT Random Pool Membership
If you employ safety-sensitive employees under DOT regulations, then your company must have a random pool that complies with the statistical selection requirements. Health Street makes compliance easy. Find Clinic Now

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the DOT training requirements for supervisors?

Supervisor training requirements include an hour of training to recognize alcohol abuse symptoms and behaviors, and another hour for signs of controlled substance use. They will then know when to order a reasonable suspicion screening.

How do you become a drug and alcohol supervisor?

Supervisors of commercial driver's license (CDL) drivers may not always recognize drug or alcohol abuse that could endanger safety. DOT supervisor training requirements ensure that they know when a driver, pilot or boat captain should be required to take a reasonable suspicion drug test.

Is anyone exempt from DOT supervisor requirements?

If you are an owner-operator of a commercial motor vehicle that is regulated by the DOT, you are not required to undergo supervisor training. However, you must register with a consortium for random DOT-mandated drug and alcohol testing.

What agencies require DOT supervisor training?

Any organization that employs safety-sensitive workers that are covered by DOT requirements must have their supervisors take this training. These agencies include:

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) – DOT FMCSA supervisor training covers managers of drivers in vehicles that weigh 10,0001 pounds or more, or a vehicle that transports 9 to 15 people (for payment) or 15 or more people (not for payment). It also covers vehicles used to transport hazardous materials.

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) – Training is required for people who supervise commercial airline pilots and others in safety-sensitive positions such as flight attendants, crewmembers, maintenance staff, air traffic controllers and ground crew.

Federal Transit Administration (FTA) – FTA workers include drivers of subway trains, buses, commuter rail trains, ferries, and trolleys. People who oversee them must receive drug/alcohol supervisor training.

Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) – Training is mandatory for supervisors of railroad workers who perform regulated service duties, such as train and engine service, conductors, switchmen, brakemen, dispatchers, inspectors, and engineers.

United States Coast Guard (USCG) – This training covers supervisors of workers on a vessel that operates under a certificate of registry, license, or merchant mariner's document.

Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) – Supervisor training is required for those who oversee employees who work at a liquefied natural gas facility, on a pipeline, in a maintenance role or in emergency response.

Be prepared for a possible DOT audit by having your supervisors trained and keeping documentation easily available.

What do you learn during DOT Supervisor Training?

DOT Supervisor Training equips management staff with the ability to recognize potential drug or alcohol use in the workplace, document incidents, determine when to request a reasonable suspicion drug test, and navigate the process of making the request.

Does my company need DOT Supervisor Training?

If your company employs safety-sensitive workers, at least one supervisor must undergo DOT Supervisor Training. This training involves a two-hour class that focuses on recognizing the signs and symptoms of alcohol abuse and drug use, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

About Our DOT Supervisor Training

How DOT Supervisor Training Works

Our online supervisor training program is designed to provide supervisors with the information they need to comply with DOT rules and regulations. In the event of a DOT audit, it is also critical that you have proof that your company is in compliance with this drug and alcohol training requirement.

When you purchase our program, you will receive a license with directions on how to access the course. Once the reasonable suspicion training is completed, the supervisor will be issued an online supervisor training certificate of completion, which can be presented as evidence of course completion.

This education and training program is two hours long and it is also available to employees for educational purposes. The courses are customized by DOT modality. We offer training modules for FMCSA (motor carrier), FTA (transit), FAA (aviation), PHMSA (pipeline), FRA (railroad) and USCG (coast guard). The certificate we issue upon completion is accepted as evidence that your company has met the drug and alcohol awareness training requirement. It is also advised that supervisors take one-hour refresher courses each year after their initial training.

Our courses cover:

The supervisor's role in the DOT workplace testing program
Effects of drugs and alcohol on the job
How to apply the four steps of constructive confrontation when dealing with an employee who is suspected of using drugs
Symptoms, signals and indicators to look for in order to keep your workplace safe
Prohibited behavior for employees
Drug tests for DOT-regulated employment

The class will provide supervisors with the tools they need to know when they need to request a reasonable suspicion screening as part of the company's drug and alcohol testing program for a drug-free workplace, and just as important, how to go about doing it.

DOT Compliance Through Health Street

Let Health Street help your organization stay compliant with DOT rules and regulations. Register online for your two-hour course today.

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