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Health Street provides DNA tests & legal paternity testing in New York City at conveniently located testing centers in Manhattan and all 5 boroughs. Calling to schedule is easy! Just dial (646) 395-3728. We offer legal paternity tests, sibling studies, grandparent DNA tests, maternity testing, avuncular (aunt or uncle) testing, and postmortem DNA testing to determine if people are biologically related.

Schedule DNA testing online. Test results can be used in court for child support or to change a birth a certificate; it can also be used for simple peace of mind. Appointments can be scheduled together or separately. Legal DNA tests are done by cheek swab at our Manhattan testing centers. In some cases, we can also extract DNA samples from hair follicles, fingernails, and other specimens.

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Legal Paternity Test
I used the location in the bronx and the process was very .
Aunt or Uncle (Avuncular) DNA Test
Awesome peoples; DNA paternity with uncle.
Legal Paternity Test
Very hard to find parking
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Most Reputable DNA Testing Company in New York City

When getting a DNA test, people rightfully want to know if they are dealing with a trustworthy company. Health Street has been known and respected as a leader in NYC DNA testing since 2010. Our paternity testing services have been featured in the New York Times, the New York Post, and the Daily News, among other local and national publications. Clearly, we are widely known as the most trusted NYC DNA testing company.

Paternity Testing in New York City

There are several types of DNA relationship testing offered at our New York City testing centers to validate close family relationships. The most commonly ordered DNA testing service is a legal paternity test to conclusively establish whether or not an alleged father is biologically related to the child. Health Street's 21 marker DNA paternity testing is the state of the art. Our paternity test results are statistically conclusive at the rate of 99.9% or greater.

Family Relationship DNA Tests

Relationship Tests to validate grandparent to grandchild, siblings, half-siblings, aunts, and uncles: DNA tests such as sibling or avuncular studies, can sometimes come back with a result of less than 95% certainty. This is normal, especially if only two parties with a biological relationship participate in the test. Adding an additional close relative to the test helps us learn more about the family's DNA composition and typically leads to a more conclusive result.

A Guide to DNA Testing In NYC

According to New York law, if a married woman gives birth to a child, her husband is assumed to be the child’s father unless he or the mother denies paternity. On the other hand if the mother is unmarried, the hospital will ask both parents to fill and sign an Acknowledgement of Paternity.

According to Her Justice, it is important that both the mother and the putative father be sure of the child’s paternity before filling in this form. In case of doubts, they should press the button for DNA testing that can be done immediately after the baby is born. Prenatal paternity testing can also be done, but New York is the only state that does not yet permit the non-invasive blood draw from the mother's arm; therefore, a prenatal DNA test in NY does involve a small risk to the unborn.

Need for an Order of Filiation Based on DNA Testing in NYC

If the man presumed to be the possible father agrees to take a DNA test, you can arrange to set up this test privately, without the involvement of the courts. However, in NY state, the law requires a prescription from a doctor for all private DNA tests. On the other hand, if the alleged father of the child does not acknowledge paternity and won't voluntarily agree to take a DNA test, you can obtain an Order of Filiation from the Family Court. The court can issue an order for DNA testing, in which case you would not need a prescription from a doctor. The downside is that it takes much longer to go through the legal process than it does to just arrange for the test privately. Either way, if a legal DNA test proves that the man named is the father of the child, the court will issue an order of filiation, which typically means that the father will have to make child support payments as well as be granted visitation rights.

How is a Paternity Test Conducted?

To establish or disprove a claim of paternity, NY courts only admit the results of legal paternity tests. Paternity testing is done through the simple collection of inner cheek "buccal" samples from the child and the putative father. Typically this is in the form of a swab using cotton wool. The lab will then match the DNA of the child and the putative father. Well conducted tests with 21 marker genetic analysis, such as conducted by Health Street, will be able to either show that there is no chance that the putative father is the biological parent or that there is a more than 99.9% chance that he is the father of the child.

If it is not possible to obtain a cheek swab from one of the parties, it is possible to collect DNA from hair or nail samples. However, such tests take longer, are more expensive (as the lab will have to extract the DNA from the hair or nail sample), and are not admissible in New York courts to prove paternity nor permissible by law to conduct (all 49 other states permit this test for non-legal purposes). If the father of the child is already deceased, incarcerated, or not in the country, you may also be able to establish paternity by asking for DNA samples from his parents and establishing grand paternity.

NYC DNA Testing Study

In a recent survey, Health Street found that 34.7% of NYC residents have pursued DNA testing to find clarity about their familial connections.

The connection DNA testers in Manhattan were most commonly trying to confirm was FATHER (55.6%), followed by CHILD (16.7%), MOTHER (11.1%), and SIBLING (5.66%).

Most testers in this region sought answers because they were seeking their biological father (22.2%) or had suspicions that the person they knew as their father might not be a biological match (27.8%).

Suspicion of a father figure not being oneís biological father were the most common reason for testing in Manhattan, NY.

Reasons related to adoption accounted for 22.2% of testing in the area, while conception through a sperm donor accounted for another 5.6%.

Males in the region who pursued paternity testing for a child gave the following reasons:

  • 37.5% thought their partner was cheating on them
  • 6.3% became suspicious when a child did not resemble them
  • 31.3% was openly told that a childís paternity was in question

NYC Residents Living with Doubts

Only 11.1% of respondents pursued testing as soon as their questions arose. The overwhelming majority lived with doubts for over a decade, with 22.4% even waiting more than 20 years to have their questions answered.

Of the NYC residents who eventually got tested, almost 90% waited years -- or even decades -- to seek out the truth.

Another 59.4% of Manhattan residents have considered DNA testing but have yet to pursue it. Shockingly, 16% have been considering and putting off DNA testing for OVER a decade!

The reasons cited by region residents for waiting or hesitating were all broad yet widely relatable, and included:

Quotes from DNA StudyNYC Residents Said:
"I am nervous as to what I would find. I don't want to open up pandora's box."

"I'm not sure if it really matters as much. He always treated me as though I was super special to him. He was always my grandpa. I do wonder though how much of my grandpa he really is being that he was my mom's step father."

"I kept thinking to myself, if my spouse is questioning me of having an affair I don't think I will give into him because I did not sleep with anyone in my whole life but him and if he questions that he just isn't worth it ... I will not give him what he wants because trust comes first."
About this Study: Health Street surveyed NYC residents about the personal side of DNA testing.

Uncovering Their Truth

Testing helped Manhattan residents uncover some unexpected -- and often shocking -- truths.

Though 64.7% felt confident about what the results of their DNA test would show and took it out of personal obligation or legal technicality, 43.4% ended up surprised by what their results showed.

Despite the surprises, on the average, Brookltn residents felt grateful for the opportunity to find clarity through DNA testing. Respondentsí average gratefulness rating, on a scale of 1-10, was 7.3, with a full 100% of respondents rating their feelings of gratitude at the opportunity with a 5 or higher.

Average gratitude for pursuing testing: 7.3/10

Percent satisfied with decision to test: 100%

Specimens we can test for DNA

The easiest and most reliable way to perform a genetic sample collection for a paternity test is by a swab of the inner cheeks. These skin cells, known as buccal cells, rub off easily onto cotton swabs and remain in place, to be extracted by our testing laboratories for analysis.

Other specimens, such as hair follicles, fingernails, and garments that might contain someone's DNA, can also undergo lab testing to see if there is a match. These non-standard DNA tests are done by registering online for an Alternative Specimen DNA Test. Once registered, you ship the DNA sample to our lab. We'll attempt to extract the DNA and compare it to a cheek swab of the other party.

Legal DNA Tests

In order for the results to be court admissible, the DNA specimen must be collected at a DNA test lab using strict chain of custody procedures. Our DNA testing technicians are trained to follow strict chain of custody procedures.

The results of our legal DNA tests can be used for any legal purpose:
  • ✓ to change the name on a birth certificate
  • ✓ to petition for child support
  • ✓ to petition for survivor benefits
  • ✓ for child custody arrangements
  • ✓ to alter inheritance procedures or wills

How to schedule a DNA Test in Manhattan

Appointments are available at our Manhattan locations, plus many more throughout NYC and New York State. You can make an appointment today, plus we have one walk-in location that accepts cash. During registration, we'll show you the testing centers so you can choose the one that's most convenient.

You can go also set up separate appointments for each of the people being tested, either at the same location or at different locations across the USA. You'll get an email and text message with your appointment information. There is no fee if you need to change the time or location of a DNA test appointment at any time.

How long it takes to get results of a DNA test

Paternity tests conducted at one of our New York facilities typically take about a week to come back. The fastest results can be returned is 2-3 business days. DNA test results such as sibling studies can take a few days longer to come back. When the results are ready, you are notified immediately via email. Then, the hard copies of the paperwork are sent afterward via regular mail.

The DNA test appointment - what to expect and what to bring

The appointment itself only takes about 15 minutes. The specimen collection process is a simple and painless cheek swab. No needles are used. When you're being tested at our New York clinic, you'll be asked to provide fingerprints and to show photo identification. We'll also take pictures of the people being tested so that the final report will include legal assurances of who was actually tested.

For infants, hospital discharge papers qualify as identification. Otherwise, a birth certificate or social security card can be used as ID for a child. No other preparations are required for this appointment.

Does the mother need to be present at a paternity test?

If a man is considered in the legal chain of custody for a child, then the mother does not have to be present or give consent for paternity testing. However, if he is not currently considered the legal father, then he cannot sign for the child. Therefore, the mother does need to be there. If neither parent is available, other legal guardians can bring the child so long as they have the right to make medical decisions on the child's behalf.

DNA testing if one party is not in New York

The two parties testing (for example: father and child) do not have to be tested at the same time or even at the same location. We have many clinics across New York as well as nationwide, so we can test one party in New York and the other party anywhere else in the USA. The specimens are then matched up in the lab for analysis.

Laboratory certifications

Health Street works strictly with AABB Certified labs for DNA testing. All specimens that are collected in New York or elsewhere are shipped securely from our testing locations to a nationally certified laboratory.

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109 Audubon AvenueNew York, NY 10032
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Monday: 7:00 AM - 2:30 PMTuesday: 7:00 AM - 2:30 PMWednesday: 7:00 AM - 2:30 PMThursday: 7:00 AM - 2:30 PMFriday: 7:00 AM - 2:30 PMAbout this Location: In Washington Heights by High Bridge Park, we are right off of Amsterdam Ave on the corner of 171st.
177 E 87th StreetSuite 408 Suite 408New York, NY 10128
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Monday: 9:00 AM - 2:00 PMTuesday: 9:00 AM - 2:00 PMWednesday: 9:00 AM - 2:00 PMThursday: 9:00 AM - 2:00 PMFriday: 9:00 AM - 2:00 PMAbout this Location: On the corner of E 87th Street, right by the Express stop on the Lexington Line at 86th Street. (Take the 4/5/6).
22 W 23rd St2nd FloorNew York, NY 10010
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Monday: 10:00 AM - 2:00 PMTuesday: 10:00 AM - 2:00 PMWednesday: 10:00 AM - 2:00 PMThursday: 10:00 AM - 2:00 PMFriday: 10:00 AM - 2:00 PMAbout this Location: Located around the corner from the #1 LEGO store. We're on the same Block as the NYC's first Home Depot.

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