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PEth Alcohol Test (3 week look back)

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Health Street’s PEth Alcohol Test (3 week look back) looks for alcohol biomarkers that stay in the bloodstream for up to three weeks after alcohol consumption. PEth testing can detect chronic alcohol use or heavy binge drinking. This type of alcohol test is frequently used by families, courts, or clinicians that want to confirm that a person is staying sober over a certain period of time.

PEth blood alcohol testing checks the level of Phosphatidylethanol in the blood. When alcohol (ethanol) is consumed, the body creates this metabolite. Even after the alcohol leaves the body, PEth stays in the person’s bloodstream. Depending upon how much alcohol they drank, PEth can stay in the blood for up to three weeks. The more that’s consumed, the longer this substance can be detected. After you book and pay for the test, either by phone or online, we will send you (or the person you specify) a registration code that can be used at the clinic you have chosen. The person who is being tested can walk into the clinic and show their registration code and photo ID. Register online or call (888) 378-2499.

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PEth Alcohol Blood Test (3 week look back) Options

PEth Alcohol Blood Test (3 week look back)
A PEth alcohol test is a blood test that checks for the presence of certain biomarkers that indicate the prior consumption of alcohol. These biomarkers can be detected for 2 to 3 weeks after moderate drinking. Find Clinic Now
Blood Alcohol (non-PEth)
The non-PEth blood test should be used when performing a breathalyzer is not feasible or possible. This test only looks for current intoxication. Find Clinic Now

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Should Order This Test and Why?

People who order a PEth test may have a family member that is recovering from alcoholism, or they may be involved in a child custody court case in which one parent is prohibited from drinking. There are many instances where this type of alcohol test can be useful. If you need to determine if someone has frequent alcohol use or engaged in binge drinking in the past three weeks, this blood alcohol test is ideal. However, if a person had just a few drinks on a few separate occasions in the past weeks, a PEth test will probably come back negative. The individual’s metabolism, body weight, the number of drinks and severity of the drinking binges will all affect how long PEth is detectable. The look back period may vary; three weeks is just an estimate.

When and How Will I Get My PEth Test Results?

It can take up to two weeks and sometimes longer to receive the results of this type of test, which is significantly longer than our typical drug tests. Once ready, we will email you your test results, which are signed by a Medical Review Officer. The results will just indicate “positive” or “negative.” If the screen is not negative, we will run a confirmation test on the same specimen, which can take a few more days.

What Does a PEth Test Measure?

This blood testing detects an alcohol specific biomarker, which is present in the blood collected from heavy drinkers, if they’ve consumed a large amount of alcohol in the past few weeks.

By comparison, an ethyl glucuronide test (EtG) is a urine test with a much shorter detection window (up to 80 hours), but it can detect even a small amount of alcohol. It is sensitive and specific.

How Long Does Blood Alcohol Testing Take?

A PEth blood test takes at least two weeks, from the time the blood is collected until the results are ready. An EtG blood test usually takes just four business days to obtain results—and sometimes less than that.

About Our PEth Alcohol Test (3 week look back)

There are several advantages of this type of screening, but you must be clear on what elevated PEth concentrations indicate and when it’s useful (or not useful).

Advantages include:

Reliable Results – PEth only occurs in the presence of ethanol
High Sensitivity – relates directly to amount of alcohol consumption
Long Window of Detection – Indicates heavy drinking up to four weeks ago

This can be a helpful test if you want to determine if a person has chronic alcohol use or confirm that someone has not relapsed into heavy or binge drinking within the past month.

Why Choose Health Street

We offer comprehensive alcohol testing for individuals, families, employers, and court systems, including PEth tests. Testing is performed at our nationwide network of licensed clinics. We also offer urine alcohol tests and breath alcohol tests, as well as drug testing services. Contact Health Street today with any questions about our blood alcohol screens or to order a PEth alcohol test for your friend, family member, legal client, patient, or employee.

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If the PEth Alcohol Test isn’t what you need, try taking a look at our EtG Alcohol Test or our Hair Follicle Alcohol Test.


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By Ian Conley on 12/2/2017
Customer service has been fantastic. My rep with health street, Louis, has been the most responsive and helpful rep i’ve ever worked with. I use the services in the Boston area, but I travel often so I have been tested in such areas as Las Vegas and Kentucky. I use a 3-4week alcohol look back blood test randomly.
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