Pre-Employment Health Screenings and Workplace Productivity

Hiring the right people matters. When businesses hire new people, pre-employment health screenings help to see if someone is fit for the job. This type of occupational health testing can help you evaluate the candidates' health risks, possibly saving your company from potential health-related liabilities in the future.

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Correlation between Health and Workplace Productivity

When employees are in good health, both physically and mentally, they naturally contribute to better workplace productivity.

Physical Health and Productivity

Supporting employee wellness means supporting workplace productivity. Healthy workers are less likely to take sick days. Pre-employment health screenings can boost employee wellness and ensure they can meet job demands.

Mental Health and Productivity

Reduced productivity at work due to anxiety and depression costs the global economy one trillion American dollars annually. Fifteen percent of adults live with some mental disorder that can affect not only their daily lives but also their confidence at work, capacity to perform the job they were hired for, productivity, and even absenteeism. Based on recent data, twelve billion working days are lost every year because of depression and anxiety. Employers who implement employee wellness programs can save on their bottom line in the long term.

Legal Considerations for Pre-Employment Health Screenings

When considering pre-employment health screenings, you must follow all legal requirements. For example, under U.S. federal law, employers cannot ask about mental health, disabilities, or chronic illnesses when hiring for specific jobs. At the same time, they can ask the candidates to undergo occupational health testing to decide whether they can physically and mentally handle the job requirements. Potential employee performance can then affect whether they are chosen for the job.

Compliance with Law, Health Information Privacy

In the USA, a federal law called HIPAA (The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) requires protecting patients’ sensitive health information from being disclosed without their knowledge or consent by creating national standards.

Implementing Health Screenings in Your Company with Health Street

Health Street offers top-notch occupational health testing. Our services help ensure that businesses have a healthy work environment. Fewer accidents, less sickness, and overall better employee wellness are some benefits. Plus, Health Street is everywhere, making it easy for companies to find a clinic.

Case Studies: Improved Productivity Through Pre-Employment Health Screenings

Case Study 1

PepsiCo has implemented multiple employee wellness programs, which were examined and studied for seven years. Based on research, PepsiCo saved $3.78 on healthcare expenses for every $1 invested. Statistics showed their investments in employee wellness had multiple benefits, and they were primarily focused on managing chronic diseases.

Case Study 2

IBM has been investing more in employee wellness programs, which has helped them save millions annually. For every dollar they use on health programs, they get back about twice as much. They’re saving more money each year than they spend.

Building a Healthier, More Productive Workplace

Occupational health testing can show potential health risks the job candidates may have and help you pick people who are fit for the job. Remember to care for your current employees by implementing a wellness assessment that matches your employees’ needs and keeps them happy and healthy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do employment health screenings improve workplace productivity?

Occupational health screenings can help ensure workers are ready and able to do their jobs. This promotes a healthy work environment, lifts morale, and powers up productivity.


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