How Pre-Employment Health Screenings Can Reduce Health Insurance Costs

Pre-employment health screenings can identify if an applicant is physically fit for a specific job. Early detection of potential health concerns can protect employees, coworkers, and clients from potential injuries. It can also save the company from future health-related liabilities, and can contribute to employee productivity. Workplace hazard prevention can help control illnesses, injuries, and even deaths—all while helping protect your company from potential financial distress.

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Reduce Health Insurance Costs

How can investing in pre-employment and preventive health screenings reduce the long-term burden on your business’ finances? Well, according to National Safety Council (NSC) in 2021, work injuries in the United States accounted for about $167 billion in costs, including medical and administrative expenses and wage and productivity losses. Many of these work injuries were linked to motor vehicle crashes, burns, and falls or slips—which occupational health testing can help business owners avoid.

Integrating pre-employment screenings, preventive health screenings, and proactive wellness programs can help control potential health insurance costs for companies. These practices should be regarded as a job necessity, allowing your company to protect itself while protecting your staff’s safety.

Cost Savings and Financial Benefits

Employers who invest in occupational health services and pre-employment screenings can potentially reduce wasted resources and insurance claims. How can this be? Hiring a candidate who is fit for the job can mean fewer safety issues and more employee productivity. Studies show that workplace hazard prevention and wellness programs can improve absenteeism and lower costs associated with compensations, disability claims, or healthcare by 25 percent.

With employee screening initiatives in place, your long-term costs could decrease. You could have a new employee who is fit for the job while also reducing financial burden on your business. It’s a win-win.

Lower Premiums and Claims

A healthier workplace that offers wellness programs and encourages employee wellness can reduce claims and insurance premiums. Workplace accident prevention helps healthy employees stay healthy and targets those with higher risk factors, leading to overall lower expenses.

Choose Health Street for Occupational Health Screenings

Health Street’s occupational health services can help employers lower workplace risks, including injuries, accidents, the spread of infectious diseases, and possibly even death. Our company’s extensive network includes over 10,000 clinics nationwide. Simply register and select the location most convenient for you.

Comprehensive Screening Services

Health Street is your reliable and trusted partner. We provide various occupational health services, including advanced diagnostic testing and health risk assessments.

Professional and Efficient Process

Health Street services can be ordered and scheduled via a secure cloud-based platform to make the process smooth and efficient. Use our portal to monitor the health of individuals over time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What questions could an employer ask an employee about their health?

Employers can ask a candidate about their physical ability to carry out the responsibilities associated with the job they’re applying for.

According to the law, employers can base a job offer on a job applicant successfully answering medical questions or passing a medical exam. All job candidates must undergo the same process to avoid anti-discrimination laws.


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