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Health Street's Twin Zygosity Test determines if twins are identical or fraternal. Usually, this twin DNA test is ordered by siblings who were told as kids that they were identical but weren't given scientific proof. Or it may be that twins who were separated at birth and raised apart have now reconnected and want confirmation.

Although we require an appointment, we offer flexible scheduling. You can set up your appointment online or give us a call at (888) 378-2499. Tell us when you'd like your test and the location that is the most convenient. We have thousands of clinics nationwide. Let us know if the siblings will test together, at the same time and at the same clinic, or separately. You can each test at a different time and/or at different clinics if you don't live in the same state. We will send you an email with your information about your appointment. If you need to change times or locations, we'll make those changes at no extra charge.

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We Live in a rural area and the Lab Corp had never done the Twin Zygosity test for Fraternal Identical twin question. Some confusion as to if we went to the right lab or not. A phone call was made at the lab we went to (640 W. Washington St, Carson City Nv.) and the paperwork needed was quickly faxed to the lab we were at and the Zygosity test was done there.Thank you,Carolyn Ann
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Twin Zygosity DNA Test Options

Twin Zygosity DNA Test
If you are a twin, but you don't know for sure if you and your sibling are identical or fraternal, this test is for you. This test is most commonly ordered by siblings seeking to determine how their DNA compares to each another. Find Clinic Now
Sibling Legal DNA Test
Sibling DNA Tests determine if two people are full or half brothers or sisters. This option is not designed to check if the parties are identical twins. Find Clinic Now

Frequently Asked Questions

How costly is twin DNA testing?

Our Twin Zygosity Test, in which geneticists study genetic markers for each sibling to determine if they are fraternal or identical twins, costs $499. This type of testing always gives a 100 percent accurate, conclusive result.

Who determines the results of my test?

The results are determined by our geneticists, who study 21 genetic markers for each sibling, from the DNA that's extracted from your cheek swab specimens by our lab. They then conduct a statistical analysis to determine if the parties are biologically related as identical or fraternal twins.

When will I get my results?

It generally takes about a week for twin DNA test results. The lab report, which is signed, is emailed to you, and the official printed copy will arrive by U.S. mail. Expect a 1-2 week waiting period.

Can the Twin DNA Test show whether someone is an identical or fraternal twin?

Yes. This DNA test can tell you whether someone is a fraternal or identical twin.

About Our Twin DNA Test

What Twin DNA Testing is Used For

Twin DNA testing confirms if two siblings with the same birthday are identical or non-identical (also known as fraternal) twins. All it requires is a simple cheek swab from both people. Identical twins will have the same DNA.

Why Get a Twin DNA Test

You may be a twin but aren't certain if you and your sibling are identical twins or fraternal twins. Or maybe you discovered a long-lost sister or brother who was adopted and grew up away from you, but you shared a birthday. If either of those describe your situation, this test is for you.

In the past, when genetic testing for twins didn't exist, determining "identical" versus "fraternal" wasn't done scientifically. At the time of birth, the doctor usually just made the call based on appearances of the babies. Over the years, those twins, who were originally told that they were identical, may develop dissimilar physical characteristics. This then leads them to question the doctor's initial judgement.

This DNA test answers the question once and for all. You will no longer have to wonder, because it will provide you with a 100 percent accurate result. If you and your sibling are identical twins, your DNA will be exactly the same.

Why Choose Health Street

As biological relationship testing experts, we offer reliable testing using DNA samples collected and analyzed at our labs. While it is possible to find a cheap DNA twin test, such as a twin DNA testing kit that you use at home, our DNA relationship tests are legally recognized in court, whereas at-home tests may not be. We provide personalized customer service and can answer your questions about DNA relationship testing.

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