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Legal Maternity DNA Test

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Our Maternity DNA Test establishes a mother and child relationship for legal reasons. This DNA maternity test provides you with written results that are legally admissible in a court of law.

Babies that are born using surrogate mothers should be tested immediately upon birth for maternity and paternity. Adopted children who grow up and choose to seek out their biological mothers can use this test to confirm if the person they find is truly their mother. In rare cases, people who have been allegedly stolen at birth or kidnapped use the legal maternity test to find out the truth of their birth.

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Maternity Test Options

Maternity Test
This Legal Maternity DNA Test can determine biological motherhood and provide unquestionable proof of maternity, which can be used in court or for other legal purposes. Find Clinic Now

Frequently Asked Questions

This refers to maternity DNA testing that is accepted by a judge during a court hearing, as evidence that the woman is the child’s biological mother. It may be used in immigration cases or whenever maternity is in doubt.

Who needs a maternity test?

There are certain cases where biological motherhood may be questioned or in doubt. In these instances, a maternity DNA test provides indisputable proof. This may be requested by immigration authorities, or by a court deciding a custody or support case. It may be requested by the family as evidence if family history is uncertain.

In rare circumstances, a baby may have been stolen or children may have been accidentally switched at birth. If this has occurred, this test is invaluable in proving motherhood.

How does it work?

At Health Street, we make legal maternity testing easy and convenient.

Call to set up a legal DNA test or order online.
Our scheduling department will set up your appointment, based on your appointment time and location preferences.
We will send a confirmation email with your appointment details.
Make any changes you need, at no charge!

You can test the mother and the child at the same time and place, or at different locations or times. Multiple children can be tested at once.

How costly is maternal DNA testing?

At Health Street, our legal maternity DNA test is $399.00. Although you can purchase a home maternity test as a kit, those do-it-yourself tests are not court admissible. Judges require highly accurate test results from licensed laboratories.

Note for New York residents: NY residents must provide a doctor’s prescription for all DNA tests, and must pay a lab fee directly to the lab.

Do the alleged mother and child have to be in the same state for this DNA test?

No. Each participant can receive DNA testing at the clinic nearest to them.

The test starts at $399, which includes DNA testing for one mother and one child. Each additional child is $100.

About Our Legal Maternity DNA Test

When DNA Maternity Testing May Be Needed

While DNA paternity testing is very common and understandable, it may seem unusual that the biological mother may not be certain that a child is really hers—or a person may wonder if the woman who raised them is their biological mother, years later. It is also possible that a woman may say that a child is her own, but that isn’t the case.

A legal DNA test for the mother and the child may be used to:

Confirm maternity when a surrogate is used to have a child.
Confirm a biological relationship if there is any uncertainty by the mother after birth.
Give peace of mind to someone who was raised by a woman that claimed to be their mother, but years later, they aren’t sure.
Provide proof of maternity for an immigration hearing or for purposes of government assistance.
Allow an adoptee who has found their alleged biological mother to establish proof of maternity.
Prove that a child is the woman’s baby if they were stolen from her.

When the alleged mothers arrives for her appointment, she needs to present a photo ID and one other form of identification. For children under the age of 18, a birth certificate or social security card is acceptable. In the case of newborns, clinics will accept the hospital discharge papers. The mother and child may be tested at the same time at the same location, or at different locations and/or times. Register online today, or by calling us at (888) 378-2499.

Why Choose Health Street

There are many benefits to ordering your legal maternity test from Health Street.

Legal, highly accurate tests. In a court case, judges won’t accept the results from an at-home maternity testing kit. Our court-admissible DNA maternity test will help streamline your legal proceedings for faster resolution and will provide definitive results.
Convenient testing locations. We have a large network of nationwide DNA collection laboratories. This is especially helpful if the suspected mother and child are not living in the same state.
Easy to order and schedule. Order online from our easy-to-use website or call one of our customer representatives. They will take note of your preferred time and location and will schedule an appointment for each party.
Fast, simple DNA sample collection process. DNA collection is conducted quickly and easily with a buccal swab.
Status updates. We will notify you of the status of your DNA testing at every step.
Expert geneticists; reliable results. Our professionals compare the child’s DNA with that of the alleged mother. They are then able to determine the probability of maternity with a high degree of accuracy. These requests are legally recognized in court.

Schedule an appointment today for your legal DNA maternity testing to help expedite your court case or for your peace of mind.

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