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Safe Driver Policy

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For busy fleet managers looking to streamline the process, Health Street offers an electronic Safe Driver Policy service. We will email the Safe Driver Policy to the requested staff. From there, they simply sign it electronically, and the signature and file will be stored securely in our online portal.

Online ordering is simple. Simply click the “Order Now” button above and complete the checkout process. If you have any questions along the way, our friendly customer service team would be happy to assist you at (888) 378-2499.

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Safe Driver Policy
Our Safe Driver Policy service is an electronic file that is sent to your drivers. They sign it electronically, and the signature and file are stored in your portal for easy retrieval. Order Now

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Order a Safe Driver Policy?

This service simplifies the cumbersome process of providing drivers with policies and procedures about safe driving. Tracking who has received these documents and storing their signatures for quick retrieval later on has never been easier.

How Much Does a Safe Driver Policy Cost?

Our Safe Driver Policy service begins at $10. The final price may vary depending on whether additional services or packages are selected during the checkout process.

Where Can I Learn More About Safe Driving for Drivers?

For additional information regarding safety, visit the FMCSA’s Resources for Drivers page.

About Our Other Services

Reasons for DOT Drug and Alcohol Tests

Department of Transportation drug and alcohol testing is administered under the federal authority of the agency that oversees the company’s industry. The department and its agencies define the reasons for drug and alcohol testing.

A DOT drug test cannot be legally administered unless it falls into one of these categories:

Random testing (as part of an alcohol testing program)
Reasonable suspicion
Return to duty
Follow up

Health Street offers drug and alcohol testing service at more than 10,000 clinics nationwide. All drug and alcohol test results are stored securely in our online portal.

Why Choose Health Street

Health Street is one of the most trusted providers for pre-employment drug testing. Just as our cutting-edge technology allows us to quickly and safely deliver drug testing results to individuals or employers, it also allows us to provide a seamless service for distributing important documents, collecting signatures, and securely storing them online for easy tracking.

In addition to our Safe Driver Policy service, we offer a suite of other services, including DNA testing, drug testing, and pre-employment background check services.

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