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DOT Breath Alcohol Test

A DOT Breath Alcohol Test is an Evidential Breath Test (Breathalyzer) for CDL drivers, ship captains, and other safety-sensitive employees. Employers and individuals can register online or call (888) 378-2499 to set up testing for staff or others. We offer DOT breath alcohol testing at over 5000 clinic locations nationwide.

Our online registration process is simple. You choose the lab location based on ZIP code during registration. An authorization barcode is instantly emailed to you and texted directly to the phone of the person being tested. A map of the clinic location will accompany the barcode. The registrant can then walk in to the alcohol testing facility and show the barcode along with photo ID. Results are fast, signed by a doctor, and reported securely online.

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Representative was pleasant and helpful. Setting up DOT Alcohol testing. Made transaction a breeze. Thank you.
By Debra Thives on February 14, 2017
Quality1800 Asphalt
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Representative was quick and efficient. I use your random DOT selection nationwide.
By Kelly on December 16, 2016
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I apprieciate the time you spent locating a location that would best fit our needs. We are with Health Street for our DOT random checks.
By Dawn Zamora on June 8, 2016
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Evidential Breath Testing

Health Street’s DOT Breath Alcohol Tests are performed using federally approved devices known as Evidential Breath Testers (EBTs). Breath Alcohol devices must only respond to alcohol in order to get approved by the Department of Transportation, which publishes a list of approved devices on the federal register. Approved devices must never respond to other volatiles like acetone, which can be present in the breath of a sober person. This means the results of a properly administered DOT Breath Alcohol Test will never yield a false positive, and can therefore be used as evidence in a court of law.

Breath Alcohol Test Facts

  • 1) Breath Alcohol devices classified as Evidential Breath Testers (EBTs) and listed on the federal registry are designated as such because they cannot report a false positive.
  • 2) If a person blows a non-negative quantity on the first screening, the Breath Alcohol Technician will grant a 15 minute wait period and then initiate a confirmation test.
  • 3) Alcohol from recently chewed or drank items can be present in the mouth and is known as “Mouth Alcohol”. Mouth alcohol can cause a non-negative screening, but dissipates completely in 15 minutes.
  • 4) A properly administered Breath Alcohol Test by a certified Breath Alcohol Technician will retrieve a “deep lung sample”, ensuring that the amount alcohol in the breath closely reflects the amount of alcohol in the person’s blood stream.
  • 5) Breathalyzers are accurate yardsticks of a person’s sobriety because of a scientific gas law know as “Henry’s Law.” Henry’s Law states that in a closed system (e.g., the human body), the proportion of a volatile (such as alcohol) in a gas above a liquid (i.e, exhaled breath) is the same as the proportion of the volatile in the liquid. This means that the alcohol concentration in someone’s breath is the same as the alcohol concentration in their blood.

DOT Drug Testing Requirements

The United States Department of Transportation specifies the DOT drug testing requirements for safety-sensitive employees in all transportation industries. Individuals and companies are required to get tested at defined moments, including pre-hire, post-accident, and upon reasonable suspicion. Furthermore, DOT drug and alcohol tests must be done on a specifically defined random basis using a computer generated random methodology that selects a set percentage of active staff on a monthly or quarterly basis. Companies can most easily meet the random drug testing requirement by participating in a third-party administered random drug testing pool or a DOT drug testing consortium. Other services offered by such third include the annual supervisor training that is required to stay in compliance. DOT conducts random and scheduled audits to ensure that companies adhere to these guidelines.

Breath Alcohol Test Results

Breath Alcohol Tests provide instant results for negative screenings. Breath alcohol technicians use an Alcohol Testing Form (ATF) to record results. Non-negative screenings lead to a 15 minute wait period followed by a second test known as a confirmation test, which also provides an instant result. When this occurs, only the results of the confirmation test count.

How to Interpret a Breath Alcohol Test result

  • In an employment setting, any result over 0.020 is considered a positive outcome, meaning that there is evidence that the person has alcohol in their system at the time of the test. If the person is actively engaged in a safety-sensitive role, he or she must be removed from duty immediately.
  • In a law enforcement setting, different standards apply and vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. All states, however, consider a breath alcohol result of 0.080 or more as “driving while intoxicated.” On the other hand, readings as low as .030 may be considered “driving under the influence.”
  • DOT enforces strict penalties on covered employees such as truck drivers and pilots if their breath alcohol result during specified time periods leading up to, during, and after safety sensitive duties is 0.040 or higher. Positive results lead to a mandatory referral to a Substance Abuse Professional. Strict protocols must be followed before a return to work is permitted.

How Results are Transmitted to Employers

Positive breath alcohol results are communicated directly to the Designated Employee Representative of the employee’s company, in order that remedial action be taken immediately. Results of Health Street’s DOT Breath Alcohol Test are digitized into a PDF file for storage. Companies can access the stored results of all of our tests in a secure online portal called Staff Glass&trade.

PDF files can be easily downloaded, printed, or forwarded from our portal. Non-business clients get results via email and/or fax.

How to Register

Registering for a DOT Breath Alcohol Test is fast and easy for companies or individuals. The lab location is chosen during the alcohol testing registration process based on the ZIP code you enter. A DOT Breath Alcohol Test costs $95.00.

Status notifications

Once registered, a barcode authorization and a map with the clinic address is immediately sent via email. Employers can choose to provide the employee’s cell phone number to enable instant text messaging of the barcode and clinic address, or else they can simply forward the email registration to their candidate or employee at their convenience. The barcode is then presented to the professional technician at the chosen alcohol testing facility along with government issued photo ID, and the test is administered. Status notifications are sent throughout the process. The person who placed the order is notified when the registrant completes the alcohol test. Additional notifications are sent when the DOT breath specimen reaches the lab, and, of course, when the results are ready to review securely online.

DOT Audits

Health Street’s DOT drug and alcohol testing services help companies stay in compliance with the DOT regulations and avoid costly shut-downs. A DOT Breath Alcohol Test is required according to very specific rules of the US Department of Transportation, as covered in CFR 49 Part 40. During a periodic DOT audit, federal agents come on site to investigate trucking, aviation, and shipping companies to ensure compliance with standards. While there are a multitude of requirements that an auditor might investigate, there are a few hot button issues that are typically requested on nearly every audit.

Pre-employment drug tests

Auditors will check that every single covered employee successfully completed a pre-employment DOT Drug Test before beginning any safety-sensitive work.

Random drug testing pool

DOT auditors will make sure that employees are enrolled in a random pool that is administered by a statistically valid methodology that meets minimum annual random testing rates.

MIS Reports

Companies are typically required to present DOT auditors with current and prior year MIS reports. These complicated reports are normally prepared by the third party that manages their random pool. MIS Reports include detailed statistical data regarding the number of DOT drug and alcohol tests performed during a specified period, broken down by reason for test, and stratified by over ten categories of results. There are over 200 discreet data points that are required on the MIS report. Health Street prepares this report for all companies enrolled in our Random Pool.

Supervisor Training

DOT requires that supervisors in companies under their purview be trained in the signs and symptoms of drug and alcohol use and abuse. DOT Supervisor Training teaches the necessary skills to help identify potential substance abuse problems before they become safety problems. Auditors often look for documentation of official training on an annual basis. Health Street offers this 2 hour training program online.

Health Street assists companies in their effort to maintain compliance with each of the above items, including on-call assistance during and leading up to an audit.

Random DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing Rates - 2018

Safety-sensitive employees in transportation industries including trucking, shipping, pipelines, aviation, rail, transit, coast guard and merchant marines must comply with DOT drug and alcohol testing requirements. Each year, the six DOT agencies set minimum random drug and alcohol testing rates for the year. These rates apply to both private pools as well as small business consortium. Health Street ensues that the number of selections in our DOT Random Pool (private or consortium) strictly complies with the minimum testing requirements of each applicable modality (agency).

2018 DOT Random testing rates for each federal agency

  • FMCSA – Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration – 25% drug and 10% alcohol
  • FAA – Federal Aviation Administration – 25% drug and 10% alcohol
  • FRA – Covered Service – 25% drug and 10% alcohol
  • FRA – MOW* (Maintenance of Way) – 50% drug & 25% alcohol
  • FTA – Federal Transit Administration – 25% drug and 10% alcohol
  • PHMSA – Pipeline and Hazardous Materials – 50% drug – no alcohol
  • USCG – United States Coast Guard – 25% drug – no alcohol

DOT Drug Testing Reasons

DOT Drug and alcohol tests are administered under the federal authority of the agency overseeing the industry in which a company operates. DOT and its agencies define the reasons which prompt the need for tests. The opposite is also true. DOT drug tests cannot be administered unless it falls into one of the pre-defined categories. The following are reasons when DOT drug tests must be given:

  • Pre-employment
  • Random
  • Post Accident
  • Reasonable Suspicion
  • Return to duty
  • Follow up

About DOT Breath Alcohol Test

List of drugs detected by DOT Breath Alcohol Test

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31 Ratings
4.9 out of 5 stars.
DOT Breath Alcohol Test
By Debra Thives on February 14, 2017
Quality1800 Asphalt
Representative was pleasant and helpful. Setting up DOT Alcohol testing. Made transaction a breeze. Thank you.
DOT Breath Alcohol Test
By jim Gaudreau on September 6, 2016
Chace Building Supply
Grate service! Woodstock, GA. Drug and alcohol testing.

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