Oregon Background Checks

Health Street’s line of background checks in Oregon delivers fast, meticulously researched data on an applicant’s criminal history, references, education and employment. We pride ourselves on providing what employers need to inform their decisions about the people they hire. Oregon employment background checks give companies the assurance that their new hires have been fully vetted and won’t pose a risk. Verify if someone is being honest with you before you hire them – with Oregon background checks from Health Street.

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What Background Checks in Oregon does Health Street offer?

Criminal Background Check Packages

Health Street offers various pre-built packages of employment background checks, or you can mix and match individual checks for an entirely customized solution. Our most popular criminal background check packages begin with a Social Security Number Trace and include checks of national criminal databases and/or courthouse record searches.

National Crime Index
Sex Offender Registry
Do Not Fly list
Everything in Triple Database (above), plus:
Courthouse Repository (State and/or County level)
Resume Verification services check an applicant’s job history, degrees earned, licnesure, and references. From $39.
DOT Background Check services include MVR’s and other DOT compliance checks. From $39.

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Why Health Street For Oregon Background Checks?

Health Street combines industry knowledge, a committment to accuracy, and a spirit of fairness when performing background checks in the Beaver State. Comprehensive employment screenings keep you and your business from stumbling into legal problems. A thorough background screening is essential to confirming that your new hires in Oregon are qualified and honest.

Health Street’s combination of high tech and high touch make background checks in Oregon fast and reliable. We offer simple, secure web technology matched with local court runners to protect your company.

Due diligence is critical. Poorly performed background checks can expose you in the following ways:

Not uncovering a past criminal record.
Revealing personal or excess information that cannot, by Oregon employment law, be taken into account.

In either case, you could be held legally liable. It is critical that you stay in commpliance with local labor laws. Let Health Street’s experts conduct your background checks in Oregon so you’ll know that your candidates have been fully and properly vetted before hire.

Ban the Box Law

There was a time when most job applications included a checkbox asking if the applicant had ever been convicted of a crime. Today, Oregon is one of 35 states that has adopted what’s known as a “ban the box” law.

This law prohibits employers from asking a job applicant about their criminal history until after the initial interview. If employers do not conduct an interview, then they may not make this request until after they’ve made a conditional offer for employment. The city of Portland has stricter requirements. Here, the question of criminal history cannot be raised until after the conditional offer has been made.

The purpose of this law is to remove some of the barriers to employment faced by many ex-offenders. It also helps to minimize the possibility of systematic discrimination.

Employers may let candidates know that a criminal background check will be run prior to making their final hiring decision. However, they may not automatically disqualify any candidate that has a criminal record. Instead, the employer must make a “good faith decision” regarding whether the crime committed should disqualify the applicant. This decision may be based on factors such as the amount of time that has passed since the offense, the nature and gravity of the offense, and the nature of the job.

Pay Equity Law

It’s often in an employer’s best interest to confirm that an applicant’s resume is accurate. This helps ensure that they’ve been honest and that have the experience they claim to have. Therefore, it is acceptable to run a background check to verify a job applicant’s employment history. However, under Oregon’s Pay Equity Law, this report must not include wage or salary information.

Employers also may not ask employees about their wage or salary history during the interview process. This helps to ensure that employers don’t base a new hire’s pay solely on their current or past compensation. Employers are also prohibited from discriminating against job applicants who are not currently employed.

An applicant may choose to disclose their past salary information on their own accord during the interview process. However, employers are still prohibited from using this information to decide whether to continue with the hiring process or to determine the wage or salary they will offer to the candidate. It’s also acceptable for an employer to ask a candidate about their preferred salary, as long as they don’t ask for a history of past wages.

Employers may confirm a candidate’s salary history only after they’ve made a conditional offer for employment, which includes the compensation offer.

DOT Background Screening Services

If your business hires truck drivers, DOT regulations require that you reach out to prior employers as well as check the FMCSA Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse for violations. You also need to run a Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) to ensure that your drivers have a clean, safe driving record.

Health Street takes this work off of your hands and stores your Oregon background checks securely in the same convenient online portal where you can manage your DOT drug testing and random pool. We contact prior employers, check the Clearinghouse on your behalf, and report it all back to you in a comprehensive background check report, that includes:

Conducting historical research of Oregon driving record
Contacting prior employers from before the Clearinghouse began in January 2020.
Checking the FMCSA Clearinghouse for drug and alcohol violations reported on or after January

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Credential Verification

Sometimes, the job candidate who seems to be most qualified is lying on his or her resume. In fact, it is quite common for people to misrepresent their education, degrees earned, and work history in order to qualify for a job that they otherwise would not obtain. An unqualified employee – especially one who forges aspects of their experience – creates serious risks for business leaders and HR executives.

Health Street’s background checks in Oregon can verify a person’s resume, confirming the information that they have provided to you about their education, employment history, professional licensure, and degrees earned. We can even check references. Including these options on your background check in Oregon gives you and your business the protection it deserves and the knowledge that you are hiring honest, qualified candidates.


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