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DNA Test - Charlotte, NC

Health Street provides DNA & paternity testing in Charlotte, NC at 34 conveniently located facilities. Scheduling your appointment is easy just call (980) 202-4537 or go through Health Streets easy-to-use online scheduling system.
We offer a variety of DNA tests, including legal paternity tests, sibling studies, grandparent DNA tests, avuncular (aunt or uncle) testing, and postmortem DNA testing, all of which determine if two or more individuals are biologically connected.

Read on for more details about legal and non-legal DNA testing at Health Street. If you have any questions, call us.

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DNA Testing


How DNA Tests Work

Those being tested don’t have to be at a single appointment together. DNA tests can be scheduled on different days any of the 34 Charlotte Health Street locations.

Most DNA tests are performed by buccal swab (also known as a cheek swab). In those situations where cheek swab testing is not an option, Health Street also specializes in extracting DNA in many other ways. 

Visit our DNA Testing page to learn more about the Health Street process.

Types of DNA Tests at our Charlotte NC clinics:

There are several types of DNA tests that we can perform to validate close family relationships. The most commonly ordered DNA test is a paternity test to conclusively establish whether or not a man is the biological father of a child.

In addition to paternity, we also offer:

Health Street also offers specialty DNA tests, including:

  • Immigration Tests (for a who may want to move to the United States)
  • Prenatal Tests (a non-invasive test that is 100% safe for the unborn baby)
  • Postmortem DNA Testing (performed after an individual has died)

Legal Paternity Tests vs At Home “Piece of Mind” DNA Tests

The biological father of a child can be named through paternity testing. People get DNA tests for numerous reasons, including settling court disputes. DNA court disputes are usually related to child custody or child support cases. Other reasons for doing a legal DNA test may include (but are not limited to) amending a birth certificate, perhaps by either adding or removing a parent’s name or changing a child’s name.

Health Street uses a strict “chain of custody” procedure for all legal DNA tests that begins with proving the legal identity of the individual(s) undergoing DNA testing. Health Street legal DNA test results are court admissible and in most cases are obtained by collecting buccal cell specimen from the inner cheek. 

Health Street operates under stringent protocols at all 34 Charlotte clinics so you can rest easy knowing that when you choose Health Street for your DNA testing, you also choose professionalism, efficiency, accuracy, and high standards.

Are DNA Tests Accurate?

To ensure the accuracy of every DNA test, Health Street uses a 21 marker DNA testing system. Our legal paternity test results come in at a certainty rate of 99.9% or greater. Other DNA tests, such as sibling or avuncular studies, can come back with a result of less than 95% certainty. 

If more than two people participate in DNA testing, Health Street DNA experts can learn more about the family’s DNA composition, and in most cases, a higher percentage of certainty is reached.

Home DNA Test Kits

Home DNA tests require gathering a specimen containing DNA, which is then shipped to a Health Street lab in Charlotte for testing. The results of the Home DNA tests cannot be used in court or for any other legal proceedings. This, because Health Street does not know for sure whose specimen was mailed into the lab. However, these results can be used for your benefit – to answer any questions surrounding your circumstances.

Are home DNA tests accurate? Yes, Health Streets home DNA tests are just as accurate as the DNA tests performed at a Health Street clinic. The only difference is that the tests performed at our Charlotte locations can be used in legal proceedings.

In addition to mailing-in DNA specimen like hair follicles, the Health Street DNA experts can also extract DNA in other ways. We have successfully lifted the DNA left on items such as:

  • Q-tips
  • Clothing
  • Straws
  • Toothbrushes
  • Mucus and other bodily fluids
  • Soda cans or cups
  • Chewing gum

When Will I Get My DNA Test Results?

When you choose Health Street, you also choose to receive your results fast. Paternity tests conducted at one of our 34 Charlotte facilities typically take about one week from the day your testing is performed. Some other DNA tests can take a few days longer. Once the results are ready, you are notified immediately via email. The hard copies of your results are then mailed to you.

DNA Testing Charlotte NC Scheduling

Scheduling a DNA test at one of our 34 Charlotte clinics fast and easy. Simply give us a call or make your appointment online through our easy-to-use scheduling system.

Every Charlotte Health Street clinic does not perform DNA tests. During registration, we’ll provide you with a list of Health Street DNA testing locations in the areaso you can choose the location that is best for you.

Once the appointment scheduled, you will receive a message via text and email with your appointment information. If you schedule the appointment for someone else, that person will receive the appointment information via text and email. There is no fee if you need to change the time or location of a DNA test appointment at any time. 

Are you ready to schedule your DNA or paternity test? Call or schedule online now: We make scheduling fast and easy. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We understand that DNA testing can be an emotional process, so know that when you choose Health Street, you will be treated with dignity and respect regardless of your circumstances. Call us today to schedule your appointment or simply schedule online.

Does the mother need to be present at a paternity test?

If a man is considered the legal father of a child, then the mother does not have to be present or give consent for a paternity test. If he is not considered the father, then he can’t sign for the child, so in that case, the mother does need to be there. If neither parent is available, other legal guardians can bring the child if they have the right to make medical decisions on the child’s behalf.

DNA testing if one party is not in Charlotte

The 2 parties testing (for example: father and child) do not have to be tested at the same time or even at the same location. We have many clinics across North Carolina as well as nationwide, so we can test one party in Charlotte and the other party anywhere else in the USA. The specimens are then matched up in the lab for analysis.

Are your DNA Test Certified? 

Health Street works strictly with AABB Certified labs for DNA testing. All specimens that are collected in Charlotte or elsewhere are shipped securely from our clinics to a nationally certified laboratory for professional DNA testing and analysis.

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