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Mobile Drug Testing

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Mobile drug testing is a term that describes drug and alcohol tests that are administered outside of normal clinic settings, such as onsite at business locations or at the scene of an accident. Companies request mobile drug tests for a variety of reasons. Often, it is more practical - or less expensive - to hire a technician to come onsite for required drug and alcohol testing than it is to send employees to clinics. Furthermore, because alcohol dissipates from the bloodstream quickly, a screening for intoxication should be done immediately after an accident, or as soon as impairment is suspected. Frequently, a mobile drug test is the best and fastest option to get this done.

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About Mobile Drug Testing

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Scheduled onsite drug testing events


When testing large groups of 10 or more, it is often more cost effective and efficient to have one of our staff come to you for on-site drug testing, rather than sending a whole group of employees to one of our clinics. This can save you time and money, since you don't have to pay the labor costs associated with having your staff travel and/or wait for their test.

When one of our trained technicians comes to you, your staff can be working at their job function right up until the point of testing, and get right back to work when they’re done. It also sends a strong message to staff when a drug testing company comes on-site to the place of business. Finally, scheduled on-site drug testing events can be highly customized to meet your needs, including the option for observed testing, breath alcohol testing, and other hard-to-find testing services.

Short notice mobile drug testing


Businesses who suspect an employee is under the influence, or who have policies that require post-accident testing, including DOT post-accident and reasonable suspicion testing, should order a short notice mobile drug testing service, also known as a post accident mobile drug and alcohol test - especially if it's after normal clinic hours. Because DOT regulations specify that alcohol testing must occur within 2 hours of an accident, it's not always possible to wait for a clinic to open, or to transport the employee to the clinic in time. Even during normal business hours, the cost of having a supervisor escort a possibly impaired employee to a clinic can be significant; therefore, an onsite visit may make financial sense.

If one of your staff is involved in an accident on the job or on the road, or if you suspect an employee is under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the workplace, it is critical, and oftentimes required by law or policy, that you get the employee tested by a qualified technician immediately.

Late Shift or Overnight Shift


If your company runs a late or overnight shift, it is often sensible to just have Health Street come out to your place of business to conduct drug testing. Most clinics are not open outside of normal business hours; therefore, our mobile service was designed to accommodate companies that function around the clock.