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Mobile drug testing is a term that describes drug and alcohol testing that occurs in a setting other than a clinic, such as onsite drug testing at a business location or at the scene of an accident.

Your company may require mobile drug tests for several reasons. It may be more practical — or less costly — to hire a technician to administer their drug test at your company's facility than it is to organize employee schedules and send them to various clinics. You may wish to streamline new hire orientation. Or there may have been an accident or you suspect impairment, and because alcohol leaves the bloodstream quickly, you want to have the person tested right away. Your company may need to stay in compliance with Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations when it comes to workplace and road safety. Mobile drug testing services are often the best and quickest option.

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Common Questions

Do Drug Testing Services Come to Site?

Health Street offers onsite drug testing at your place of business to keep your workforce more productive and save time and money. Post-accident mobile alcohol and drug tests at the scene of the accident help you determine if intoxication was involved.

How Costly is On-Site Drug Testing?

While there is a fee for mobile testing services, it can often prove to be more cost-effective than individual testing at different clinics, especially if you have a group of 10 or more employees to be screened.

Scheduled On-Site Drug Testing Events

For testing larger groups, it is more efficient to have one of our trained technicians perform mobile drug testing, rather than sending several employees off-site to one of our clinics. Mobile drug testing services save you time and money since you don't have to pay for staff to travel and wait to be tested.

With mobile on-site collection, your staff can continue to work up until their testing time, and then get right back to work as soon as they're done. This creates a smoother operation and a more productive workplace. On-site drug screening at your place of business sends a strong message to your employees that your company is fully committed to their drug-free workplace program.

Scheduled on-site drug testing events can be customized to meet your needs. We offer the option for observed testing, breath alcohol testing (breathalyzers), and other less common testing services.

Short Notice Mobile Drug Testing

Do you suspect an employee of being under the influence? Does your company have policies that require post-accident testing, such as DOT post-accident and reasonable suspicion testing? If so, you can order our short notice mobile drug testing service. Known as a post-accident mobile drug and alcohol test, it is especially helpful if an incident occurs after normal clinic hours.

DOT regulations specify that you must administer an alcohol test within two hours of an accident. If the accident occurs at night or on the weekend, it isn't always possible to wait for the nearest clinic to open, or to transport the employee to a testing laboratory in time. Even during business hours, it isn't always convenient or cost-effective to have a supervisor escort an employee who may be impaired to a clinic. In this case, onsite testing may make financial sense.

If you suspect a staff member is under the influence of alcohol or drugs at your workplace, or if an employee is involved in an accident on the job or on the road, it is critical—and often required by law or by company policy—to get the employee tested immediately by a qualified technician.

Late Shift or Overnight Shift Drug Testing

If any of your staff works late or if you have an overnight shift, it often makes sense to have Health Street conduct drug testing at your place of business. Most clinics are only open during normal business hours. Our mobile testing service was designed to accommodate businesses that operate around the clock.

Why Use Health Street for Your Mobile Drug Testing?

There are many reasons to trust Health Street for your mobile drug and alcohol testing.

Extensive experience with over 10,000 companies
Fast, easy onsite drug testing available nationwide
We offer a wide selection of drug screening options, including basic and comprehensive panel urine tests, alcohol breath testing, hair screens, EtG testing, DOT drug tests and more
No worries about employee transportation to drug testing locations—we come to you
We help businesses whose industry is regulated by the DOT stay in compliance
Non-negative results are sent to a laboratory for confirmation testing
Screening results are confirmed by a Medical Review Officer (MRO)
Results securely delivered directly to you
We work with companies to help set up their drug-free workplace program

Schedule your mobile drug and alcohol testing today and discover why companies across many different industries choose Health Street.