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Probation Drug Testing

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Courts often order a series of drug tests as a condition of pre-trial services or probation. Probation drug testing varies based on the offense of the individual and the determination of the court. Commonly ordered tests include 5 panel, 10 panel, urine alcohol, or EtG alcohol screenings, which can detect commonly abused street and prescriptions drugs or alcohol. Health Street can report the results of these tests directly to probation officers or the courts.

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About Probation Drug Testing

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What happens if I fail?

Probation Drug Testing

It’s important to realize that there are usually consequences when a court-ordered drug test is failed while on probation. The courts take any violations of probation seriously. Typically, individuals may be subject to more stringent restrictions, sent to a drug rehabilitation program, or, sometimes, sent to jail. It's also possible that an individual’s probation period might be extended if a drug test is failed.

How are results reported?


The results of probation drug tests can be faxed or emailed to your probation officer, pre-trial services, or anywhere else you choose, at no extra charge. Simply choose the type of test you want, your location, and where you want us to send the results. You can do this online or over the phone.