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Child Custody Drug and Alcohol Testing

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It is quite common for parents in a child custody dispute to be reasonably concerned that the other is taking drugs or abusing alcohol. A parent can get a court-order requring the other party to submit to child custody drug and alcohol testing on a random or periodic basis. This might mean testing just prior to, or just after, a period of time in which the parent has sole custody of the child or children. You can register for urine or hair follicle testing, or sign up for a random testing program, at (888) 378-2499.

Drug Tests for Child Custody or Visitation

Court-ordered drug and/or alcohol tests may be included in a custody or visitation agreement. If an ex-spouse or co-parent has a history of drug or alcohol abuse, custody and visitation agreements may require that drug tests be taken during (or after) custodial periods, or just before visitation. A positive test can result in a lost visitation, while a pattern of positive drug or alcohol tests can even cause a complete removal of parental rights. Health Street works with attorneys, parents, the courts, and social service agencies to carry out the drug and alcohol testing agreements that the parties agree to. We can customize testing programs to meet virtually any situation, including notifying the parties of random tests, and reporting the results to the lawyers, the courts, or whomever is specified.

How is Testing Conducted?

Random testing: Health Street notifies the party (or parties) when to present for a test
Periodic testing: Health Street provides weekly, monthly, or other periodic notifications for drug or alcohol testing
Pre or Post Child Custody testing: The party or parties notify Health Street when a test is needed.

Reporting of Results

All results can be reported pursuant to a court order or legal agreement. For example, many agreements require the results to be reported to both parties, or to both attorneys, or to the court. Health Street can accommodate any of these situations, as per your request.