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From the first heartbeat to the last breath, life's big moments can be full of questions. Get the clear, trusted answers you need with Health Street DNA services. Whether it's a new baby on the way or saying goodbye to a loved one, our specialty DNA testing has you covered with 100% safe prenatal and post-mortem DNA tests.

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The Importance of Specialty DNA Tests

Are you having a baby but need to confirm who the dad is? Don't worry; our Prenatal DNA Tests are safe for you and your baby. We take a blood sample from the mom and a cheek swab from the dad. Since the DNA sample collection comes from the mother's arm, it's 100% safe for the unborn baby.

If someone in your family has passed away and you still have questions, our post-mortem DNA analysis can also help you find the answers.

The Rise In Demand For Genetic Information

Long ago, people did genetic profiling just to learn about their origins. Now, there are many more reasons. From finding out who your child's father is to learning about possible health risks, specialty DNA testing has become more popular.

Impact On Family Planning And Understanding One's Heritage

Knowing your biological relationships can guide health decisions. If you know the person you are related to suffers from a specific disease, it might prompt you to look more into your own health. You may even choose to get genetic counseling to learn if you have a risk for certain diseases.

Prenatal DNA Tests: An Overview

Are you expecting a child but are unsure about the biological father? You can put your mind at ease without risking your child's health with Health Street's Prenatal DNA tests.

What Is Prenatal DNA Testing?

If you're not sure about the baby's dad, Prenatal DNA Testing can give you the answer before the baby is born. We only need a simple blood draw from the mother's arm and a cheek swab from the father. The fetus is at no risk.

How It Differs From Regular Prenatal Screenings

Prenatal DNA Tests are designed to determine paternity, while regular prenatal screenings assess the unborn child's health.

Benefits of Prenatal DNA Testing

Being unsure about the baby's dad can be stressful, potentially affecting fetal health. Prenatal DNA Testing can help you put your mind at ease and have a more relaxed pregnancy experience.

Post-Mortem DNA Analysis: Shedding Light on the Unknown

If a person dies, but you still have questions about your genetic relationship with them, a post-mortem DNA test may be the answer.

The Need For Post-mortem DNA Tests

A post-mortem DNA analysis can help bring clarity and closure to those unsure about the biological relationship between them and the deceased individual—for example, children seeking their biological parents.

How it aids in legal and family matters

If your relationship with the person who has passed away has legal consequences, like inheritance, our tests can be used in court.

Understanding Post-Mortem DNA Analysis

Health Street's post-mortem DNA tests focus solely on confirming familial DNA, not on determining the cause of death or identifying genetic diseases.

Ensuring Accurate Results

DNA testing results may affect your life forever, which is why it's important to choose a trusted partner like Health Street.

Health Street's Commitment To Precision And Reliability

Health Street DNA services are 99.9 percent accurate, painless, quick, and reliable.

How To Register And What To Expect

Signing up is easy. For prenatal tests, we need to know if both parents will be tested together or separately.

For post-mortem DNA testing, you'll need an attorney letter on a letterhead or court order. We will work with you, the funeral home, or the coroner's office to obtain the DNA sample collection from the deceased person. The other person being tested needs to schedule an appointment for a simple cheek swab at one of our clinics.

Purchase a DNA testing kit today or obtain an in-depth DNA test at your nearest Health Street collection clinic.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the primary purposes and advantages of specialty DNA testing?

Specialty DNA tests offer peace of mind by confirming biological relationships, whether it's determining paternity before a child's birth or clarifying family ties after a loved one's death.


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Diana Vaculova

Diana Vaculova

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DNA Testing

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