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Garment Stain – Male vs Female DNA Test

Health Street can perform a DNA test on a clothing stain to see if it came from a man or a woman. This test should be ordered if you have legal possession of such a garment and wish to solve the mystery of which sex originated the stain.

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Health Street was fantastic from beginning to end. Lou from Brooklyn was a huge help and everything worked out faster than I hoped for me and my family. Thank you so much!
By Vin C. on August 19, 2016
Excellent people. Handled a serious issue (for me) with respect. For that I thank Healthstreet.
By Tom on January 23, 2016
Custer Service was very Professional . During our testing they were very understanding they had compassion for the child being very patient with the child ..The product that we use was DNA . I am the grandmother and I am writing this review .
By Naomi Bennis on September 6, 2016

Garment Stain - Male vs Female DNA Test

Garment Stain - Male vs Female

Who needs a Garment Stain – Male vs Female DNA Test?

If you are seeking to determine if a stain left on a piece of clothing, underwear, or other material came from a male or a female, Health Street can analyze the DNA left on that material and make a determination. We can tell if it came from male bodily fluids or female bodily fluids.

How does it work?

In order to get this test done, you will have to mail in the garment in question. You will not get the garment back, as it will be destroyed as part of the testing process. When you order this test, you’ll be given explicit instructions where to mail the garment, how to package it, and what else to enclose in the package to ensure we know where to report the results.

How Do I Get My Results?

It takes about 2 weeks to get the results of a garment stain test. Results come via email. If there is not enough fluid on the garment, however, you will get an inconclusive results, and there are no refunds.

Choosing A Clinic

This test is by mail-in only. We do not accept garments at any of our clinics.

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