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Prior Employment Verification

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In order to confirm which companies a job candidate has worked at in the past, Health Street offers a Prior Employment Verification service. This will also confirm the dates of a job candidate’s employment history with past companies match the timeframe indicated on their job application or resume.

Registering for a background check is simple and quick. Simply register online or call (888) 378-2499. Signatures are collected electronically for your convenience, and a final background report is provided securely online.

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Prior Employment Verification Options

Prior Employment Verification
Health Street’s Prior Employment Verification service will validate the job history information that a job candidate includes on a resume or job application. Register Now
Education History & Degree Verification
Education History & Degree Verification examines any schools that a job candidate claims. Register Now
Professional License Verification
Professional License Verification checks licensure or certification in any profession. Register Now
Resume Verification Package – Basic – up to 3 checks
Our Basic Resume Verification service is a background check package that verifies up to 3 background checks, including education history, employment history, professional license verification, and reference checks Register Now
Resume Verification Package – Advanced – up to 5 checks
Same as above, with up to 5 checks. Register Now

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Places of Employment Will Health Street Check?

We will verify employment for each company that the candidate lists on a resume or job application. This saves the employer valuable time that can be used to focus on hiring the right candidates.

Can Health Street Check Other Parts of a Resume or Job Application?

Yes, our Resume Verification Package includes up to 10 checks for information listed on a job candidate’s resume. This includes the candidate’s employment history in addition to education history, professional licenses, and reference checks.

Why Is Employment Verification Important?

In order to make the best hiring decisions, it’s important to understand the extent of the candidate’s experience. Knowing where the candidate worked and for how long will help you better gauge a person’s ability to fulfill the requirements of the job. Without verifying the employment history on the person’s resume, there is no way of knowing how accurate it is, which puts you in a dangerous position where you might not have the complete picture.

About Our Prior Employment Verification

What We Check in Our Background Screenings

We offer many different types of background checks, and can look through several databases depending on the option that is selected. Some types of background checks that we perform include criminal database checks for employment, state background checks, resume verifications, driver and DOT screening services, and healthcare background screenings. Drug tests may also be added to any of these background checks.

Registering for Background Check Services

Registering online for a background check is simple. We will send you two documents once the registration is completed. The first document is an agreement for the background check service, and the second document is a waiver for the person being screened. These documents are quickly delivered electronically and easy to sign. As soon as we receive the signed documents, the background screening automatically begins. When the services have been completed, a background screening report will be stored securely in our online portal.

Why Choose Health Street

Health Street’s background screening services offer employers many advantages and benefits.

Forms are managed electronically, creating the fastest and most efficient experience
Background report results are securely stored in our online portal
We value your security, and will collect a signed waiver from the person being screened before performing the background check
If a drug test is added, drug test results will also be stored securely online
Our wide variety of background screenings allows any employer to find a screening that meets their needs

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