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Audiometric Testing (Audiogram)

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OSHA requires audiometry exams for certain occupations to ensure that noise exposure doesn't harm a person's ability to hear. Our Audiometric Testing (Audiogram) will identify the softest sounds that a person can hear within a range of frequencies.

Our registration process for Audiometric Testing (Audiogram) is easy. Just select the clinic location based on ZIP code and complete the registration. An authorization barcode is immediately sent to you via email and texted directly to the phone of the person being tested along with a map of the clinic location. The registrant can then walk into the testing facility, show the barcode along with photo ID, and complete the test. Results for tests are quick and stored securely in our online portal. Individuals and employers can register online or call (888) 378-2499 to order tests.

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Audiometric Testing (Audiogram) Options

Audiometric Testing (Audiogram)
An audiogram is the resulting graph from an audiometry exam that shows the softest sounds that a person can hear at different frequencies. This test may be ordered when employees are required to meet minimal levels of hearing in order to perform their job safely. Find Clinic Now

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to test for changes in hearing?

Changes in hearing can affect the safety of employees and the community in which they serve. Additionally, OSHA sets requirements for hearing conservation, and employers should comply with regulations to protect their employees' ability to hear.

What does an Audiometric Test show?

This test will show an overview of how a person's ear is functioning. This will include how well the person can detect the intensity and tone of different sounds as well as any issues with balance. An audiometric test will establish a baseline that can be used as a future reference to determine if an employee has experienced changes in hearing.

Who should get Audiometric Testing?

People who work in occupations that increase their risk for hearing damage should monitor their changes in hearing with annual tests. Some industries where risk of hearing damage is increased may include:

Railway workers
Subway conducters
Airline ground staff
First responders
Truck drivers
Does Health Street accept walk-ins?

Yes. However, you need to register online or via phone first, and then you can walk in at whatever time is most convenient.

What industries may require Audiometric Testing?

Audiometric Testing is often required for farmers, military personnel, welders, miners, lumberjacks, railway workers, subway conductors, airline ground staff, first responders, firefighters, truck drivers, and more.

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For industries that require specific occupational health testing, such as healthcare, construction, and manufacturing, Health Street offers quick and easy scheduling. Simply enter your ZIP code and choose the location nearest to you or the person being tested. When the registration process has been completed, we will email you the registration barcode to and a map to the facility.

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If your company requires occupational health testing, Health Street offers a wide variety of testing options. We offer respiratory health tests, antibody tests, physicals, tuberculosis tests, vaccines and immunizations, and vision and hearing exams. Take the first step to keeping your employees safe from injury or illness by scheduling your test today.

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