Missouri Titer Testing

Many industries, such as healthcare or education, will require proof of vaccination or immunity against certain diseases. Some people may have no proof of their immunity, or they may be uncertain about their vaccination status. For people who need to provide proof of immunity to an employer in Missouri, Health Street offers antibody testing that can identify if a person has previously been infected with a specific disease or virus. We offer a variety of antibody testing services that can test for different antibodies, such as varicella (Chickenpox), hepatitis A, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, measles, mumps, rubella, or COVID-19.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Missouri require you to test?

There are currently no Missouri titer test rules requiring the submission of antibody tests. However, certain colleges, universities, and workplaces may require vaccinations, and they may accept a titer test to show immunity from diseases.

What does a positive titer test mean?

A positive titer test indicates that an individual has sufficient antibodies in their blood to make them immune to the disease they’ve been tested for, eliminating the need for vaccination.

Why are antibody tests important?

Antibody testing can determine if a person has immunity against certain diseases. This process may be necessary for those who are unsure of their vaccination status, or for employers that require proof of immunity to diseases. Testing for antibodies in the blood is also commonly performed to avoid unnecessary vaccinations for someone who has already developed immunity.

How much do antibody tests (titer tests) cost?

This depends on which type of antibody test is ordered. Health Street offers a variety of individual antibody testing services as well as package deals. For a comprehensive list of antibody tests and pricing, take a look at our antibody test registration page.

How long are titer tests good for?

Titer test results are records of whether a person has tested positive or negative for immunity against certain diseases. Depending on the type of disease, some employers may require employees to periodically test for antibodies, and may require employees to receive certain vaccinations before they are permitted to work. The frequency of testing depends on many factors, including the industry and the type of disease or vaccine. For more information about specific diseases and the recommended vaccine schedule, try taking a look at our Vaccines & Immunizations page.

Missouri Antibody Testing Regulations

The state of Missouri does not mandate any vaccinations for adults and there are no statewide Missouri titer test regulations. However, the state has adopted CDC regulations requiring employers to offer a hepatitis B vaccine and vaccine series to all employees who have occupational exposure.

Mississippi colleges and universities can set their own vaccination and antibody testing requirements. Therefore, students should check with their institution to verify the rules. Some Missouri universities require all students to show proof of two MMR vaccines, and they may require a meningococcal vaccine for students living in university-owned housing. While there are no Missouri titer test regulations for colleges, a college may allow students to provide an antibody test as documentation of immunity for MMR in lieu of vaccination.

Missouri Antibody Industry Regulations

There are no state laws in Missouri requiring vaccinations for adults, regardless of the industry in which they are employed. There are also no industry-related Missouri antibody test regulations.

On June 15, 2021, Missouri Governor Mike Parson signed into law House Bill 271, which prohibits any county, city, town, or village government receiving public funds from requiring COVID-19 vaccination documents (commonly known as “vaccine passports”) from citizens. However, this law does not restrict private entities from requiring customers or employees to be vaccinated.

While the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has confirmed that employers are within their rights to require employee vaccinations, they go on to say that requiring COVID-19 antibody testing as a condition for employment is a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). There are also currently no Missouri antibody test regulations in place regarding COVID-19.

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HB 271 – limits public health orders and use of COVID-19 “vaccine passports”


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