Minnesota Marijuana Compliance

In the state of Minnesota, medical marijuana use is legal for registered users who have a valid prescription. However, Minnesota marijuana laws do not limit workplace drug testing. Employers are free to drug test employees and job candidates for marijuana use and may decide to take punitive actions based on a positive drug test. While there are Minnesota marijuana compliance laws for medical cannabis use, employers are not required to accommodate the use of medical marijuana in the workplace.

Recreational marijuana use remains illegal in Minnesota. However, it is legal to purchase and consume edible cannabinoid products containing a maximum of five milligrams of hemp-derived THC in a single serving.

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Minnesota Marijuana Compliance

Minnesota Marijuana Laws

Overall Status: Partially Legal

In Minnesota, marijuana is legal for medical purposes only. Qualifying patients must follow Minnesota marijuana compliance rules. “Minnesota marijuana laws do not allow for recreational marijuana use, with the exception of the sale and consumption of edible cannabinoid products containing no more than 5 mg. of hemp-derived THC per serving.”

Medical Marijuana: Legal

The Minnesota Medical Cannabis Act makes medicinal marijuana legal in the state of Minnesota. This law created the Medical Cannabis Program and Registry, which is overseen by the Minnesota Department of Health.

Until May of 2021, medical marijuana users were not allowed to use raw/flower marijuana. Now, medical marijuana users over age 21 may purchase and smoke marijuana flower. Previously, the law only allowed for the use of cannabis in oil, liquid, and pill forms, all of which are generally more expensive than raw flower.

To qualify for medical marijuana use, patients must go through a registration process. They must also purchase it through a registered dispensary. Once a patient arrives at the dispensary, they must provide information from their doctor and complete a self-evaluation form either online or in the store. Then, an on-site pharmacist will recommend a cannabis dosage for the patient.

Qualifying conditions for medical marijuana include:

Alzheimer’s Disease
ALS or Lou Gehrig’s Disease
Chronic pain
Crohn’s Disease
Sleep apnea
Severe muscle spasms
A terminal illness

Delivery of marijuana products remains illegal, but many dispensaries now allow curbside pickup.

Decriminalized: Yes

In Minnesota, marijuana is decriminalized to some degree. There is no jail time for possessing small amounts of marijuana, but it’s still not completely free of penalties. First-time offenders may receive a “conditional discharge.” Otherwise, possession of 42.5 grams of marijuana or less is considered a misdemeanor and comes with a maximum fine of $200. You may also be sentenced to complete a drug education course.

If you have more than 1.4 grams of marijuana in the passenger area of your vehicle, you can also be charged with a misdemeanor. This comes with penalties of up to $1,000 in fines and up to 90 days in jail.

Recreational Marijuana: Partially Legal

While recreational marijuana use is still illegal in Minnesota, a law passed in 2022 allows for the sale and consumption of hemp-derived edible cannabinoid products that contain 5 mg. or less of THC in a single serving. Consuming any other type of marijuana without a valid prescription is illegal and punishable under Minnesota law.

Frequently Asked Questions

“Marijuana possession and use are illegal in the state of Minnesota, with the exception of registered medical cannabis patients and the use of hemp-derived edible cannabinoid products containing 5 mg. or less of THC per serving.” Marijuana for medical use must be purchased at state-approved marijuana dispensaries. In 2021, the state approved the medical use of raw marijuana.

What are the marijuana laws in Minnesota?

Medical marijuana is legal in Minnesota, as long as you are a registered user with a valid prescription. Recreational use is illegal, except for the consumption of edibles with 5 mg or less of hemp-derived THC.

What is the punishment for possession in Minnesota?

Possession of up to 42.5 grams is punishable by a fine of up to $200. Possession of more than 42.5 grams but less than 10 kilograms is a felony punishable by up to five years in prison and fines of up to $10,000.

To become law, a bill must be passed in both the House of Representatives and the Senate. “In 2021, a marijuana legalization bill passed the House; however, the bill was refused a committee hearing or a vote in both 2021 and 2022, killing the legalization bills for the year.”

What is Minnesota’s history with marijuana?

In May of 2014, with the Minnesota Medical Cannabis Act, medical marijuana became legal in Minnesota. At that time, it was the 23rd state to enact medical marijuana legislation. Legal medical marijuana sales began in 2018.

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