Idaho Marijuana Compliance

Under current Idaho marijuana compliance law, both the medical and recreational consumption, sale, and possession of marijuana are viewed as completely illegal. Although there have been multiple attempts at placing medical marijuana initiatives on Idaho state ballots, they have all failed.

With marijuana consumption illegal under Idaho marijuana laws, Idaho drug testing law allows employers to test applicants and employees for the use of marijuana with no restrictions. Idaho law does require employers to construct a written policy of the entirety of their drug testing program.

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Idaho Marijuana Compliance

Idaho Marijuana Laws

Overall Status: Fully Illegal

Though numerous states across the country have passed laws to legalize both medical and recreational marijuana, there are currently no Idaho marijuana laws that allow any type of marijuana use. Multiple attempts have been made to place medical marijuana initiatives on Idaho state ballots in recent years; however, all initiatives either failed to collect enough signatures or were withdrawn.

Medical Marijuana: Illegal

Under current legislation, there are no Idaho medicinal marijuana laws in place that allow for the medical consumption of cannabis. Since 2012, there have been multiple attempts made to place medical marijuana initiatives on Idaho state ballots but all efforts failed to gather enough necessary support to be voted on. Under Idaho drug law, the only exception that relates to medical marijuana is that the state allows the use of cannabidiol (CBD) products with 0.1% THC.

Decriminalized: No

To date, no Idaho marijuana laws have been passed to decriminalize the consumption and possession of marijuana. Under current law, an Idaho resident found in possession of up to three ounces of marijuana will face misdemeanor charges and up to a year in county jail and/or a $1,000 dollar fine. Idaho residents found in possession of more than three ounces of marijuana can be charged with felony possession, and if convicted, face up to five years in prison and/or a $10,000 fine.

Recreational Marijuana: Illegal

With all efforts to legalize medicinal marijuana having previously failed, currently no movement has been made to implement recreational marijuana laws in the state of Idaho. As no medical or recreational marijuana laws are in place, all residents face criminal charges if found in possession of marijuana in the state of Idaho, and employers may test their employees for marijuana use as they do for other drugs. There are no restrictions.

Last updated 1/15/2024

Frequently Asked Questions

Under current Idaho marijuana compliance law, both the recreational and medical consumption, possession, and sale of marijuana is completely illegal within the state. Possession of a smaller amount is considered a misdemeanor.

What is Idaho’s history with marijuana?

Idaho enforces some of the strictest marijuana laws in the country, viewing both recreational and medical marijuana as illegal. Since 2012, multiple attempts have been made to place medical marijuana initiatives on state ballots, all of which failed.

What is the punishment for possession in Idaho?

Those found in possession of three ounces or less of marijuana face a misdemeanor charge of up to one year in prison and a $1,000 fine. Possessing more than three ounces is viewed as a felony charge which faces five years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

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