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Drug Testing FAQs

Welcome to the Drug Testing FAQ page. Whether you're an employer or an individual, explore quick answers to common questions about Health Street's drug testing services. Learn about our process, methodologies, and more.

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Cost & Pricing

How much do drug tests cost?

Drug screening starts at $75. The cost may vary depending on the substances you need to test for. Drug test prices change depending on the drugs that are being screened. We offer a range of drug tests from 5 panel to 25 panel drug screens. The collection method (urine or hair) also impacts the pricing of the tests.

Are there any set-up fees or maintenance fees?

There are no set-up fees or maintenance fees. You just pay for the services as you need them.

Does Health Street accept insurance?

No, payments are out of pocket, meaning insurance doesn't cover the cost of the drug tests.

Scheduling & Registration

How does registration work?
When you call, we will send you a registration link to your phone.
You will need to enter your name and email, then choose a location.
You'll receive a registration barcode when the process is completed.
You can walk in for drug testing using your barcode any time during clinic hours.
Can I schedule my drug test online?

Yes, you can schedule your drug test online by entering your zip code into the map above. It will display the locations near you, and you can register from there.

Do I need an appointment to have someone drug tested or can I just come in?

The person must first be registered online or via phone. Once this is completed, the individual can come in as a walk-in at any time.

Where can I get a drug test?

Health Street works with over 10,000 clinics nationwide. You can register for your drug test online and select a clinic near you by entering your zip code. After registering online a barcode will be delivered, which should be presented at the select testing facility. The drug test is administered once the barcode is shown at the clinic. The person who placed the order is notified when the registrant completes the drug test.

Testing Methods & Processes

How much urine is needed for a drug test?

The amount of urine needed is often standard. In most cases, a urine drug test requires a minimum of 30 mL of urine. This changes to 45 mL for DOT employees. Specimens are collected at one of our labs and results are usually delivered within 3 business days.

How far back can a urine test detect drugs?

There is no hard and fast answer to how far back drugs can be detected. Most urine drug tests can pick up drug use anywhere from 3 days to 11 weeks out. This is often determined by variables such as age, weight, the frequency of use, height, and body fat percentage all play a large role in determining how long a drug stays in your system.

Can I order an alcohol test without the drug test?

Yes, our tests are designed to cater to your specific needs. You can order an alcohol test by itself, or a drug test, or a combination of the two. We also offer package deals, which can include different combinations of drug tests, alcohol tests, background checks, and occupational health services.

Do they draw blood for a drug test?

The most common method of drug testing that we offer is urine drug testing, which is what most employers choose. We also offer hair drug testing. For alcohol, options may include urine, hair, breath, or blood.

Turnaround Time & Drug Test Results

How long does it take to get pre-employment drug screen results back for an applicant?

For negative tests, the results are usually available within 1-3 business days. If the screening is not negative, further testing is required. Certain drug tests require confirmation testing, this confirmation testing can take anywhere from 3-5 days.

I need to get my drug test results back today. Is this possible?

Instant test results are often available on the same day if the test results are negative. However, positive test results may take longer to process and receive due to confirmation testing.

How do I receive the drug test results? Do I have to call?

The drug test results will be emailed to you.

Legal Admissibility

Are Health Street's drug tests court admissible?

Yes, we offer a wide variety of court-admissible drug tests. However, there's no need to have a court order to register for a drug test.

Can Health Street help with probation drug testing?

Yes, Health Street can provide accurate and timely drug testing services for individuals on probation. In court-ordered drug testing for probation or pretrial services, the results can be faxed to a probation officer, the court, or an attorney.

DOT Testing

Does Health Street offer DOT drug tests or DOT random pool drug testing?

Yes, Health Street offers DOT drug tests as well as DOT random pool drug testing. For more information about these services, please visit our DOT drug testing page and our DOT Random Drug Testing Pool page.

What is DOT Random Pool Membership?

Every safety-sensitive employee must be enrolled in a DOT Random Pool. Random selections must be made according to the percentages published annually by the U.S. Department of Transportation. Health Street offers both self-contained pools for medium to large businesses and a Small Business Consortium for companies with fewer employees.

Employment Testing

What is the best option for employment drug testing that covers marijuana and cocaine?

The 5 panel test is the popular choice for employment drug testing that includes screening for marijuana and cocaine. This drug test is available at $75.

Does Health Street offer on-site drug testing?

Yes, Health Street offers on-site drug testing services. We offer Mobile Drug Testing at a business location, including job fairs or events. Employers often utilize this on-site service for groups of staff (with a minimum of 10 persons) that require drug testing. The on-site fee covers the presence of one technician, and additional technicians can be requested to accommodate large groups (extra fee applies). It's important to note that the costs of the tests themselves are not included in the on-site fee.