Resume Verification

Employers, especially HR departments, spend countless hours doing mundane confirmations of new hire credentials, such as confirming educational records, employment history, professional licenses, and references. This process often involves numerous calls, paperwork, and lots of time and effort. By outsourcing these resume verifications to a background check company, Human Resources staff can save time, aggravation, and money.

Health Street verifies the information on an applicant’s resume and reports the results of these background verification services in one concise PDF report, stored conveniently in a secure online portal, along with any other employment background checks that you request.

Employment History Verification Services

Our Employment History Verification service examines any company that your candidate has worked at in the past, and seeks to confirm or deny whether or not they actually worked there, and the dates of their employment history.

Professional License Verification

If a job candidate has indicated that they have a license in a particular area of expertise, it is important that you run a background check to ensure the accuracy of this. Our Professional License Verifcation service examines your employees’ or candidates’ licensure or certification in any profession.

Reference Checking & Verification Services

Our Reference Check service frees up your time from having to make phone calls to check references on new hires. We do the work for you, and provide an easy to read, convenient reference verification report. Just let us know the name of the person to be checked, and the name and phone number of the reference, and we’ll do the rest.

Degree Verification & Education History Background Check Services

Our Education History background check and degree verification examines any schools that your candidate has worked at in the past, and seeks to confirm or deny whether or not they actually went there, and if so, if they received a degree from that institution (degree verification).