DOT Background Check

DOT driver background screening services are various checks that ensure a company's fleet of drivers are safe to be on the road, regardless of whether there is a single company car or a fleet of trucks. These services include historical research into drug and alcohol test violations, Motor Vehicle Record searches, and the option for ongoing monitoring of someone's drivers license.

DOT Background Checks include screenings to ensure a company’s fleet of drivers are safe to be on the road, regardless of whether there is a single company car or a fleet of trucks. DOT background check services include historical research of motor vehicle records and drug and alcohol test history. We also offer the option for ongoing monitoring of MVR activity to identify violations or suspensions.

Maintain a safe presence on the road and reduce company liability with comprehensive and ongoing screening of drivers.

Our DOT background checks help ensure that companies are making a sincere effort to keep unsafe drivers off the road, by doing the following:

check if drivers failed any DOT drug or alcohol tests at prior employers in the past three years. This includes:
reaching out to prior employers
checking the FMSCA Clearinghouse
ensure drivers do not have a suspended license or too many “points”
monitor drivers’ licenses on an ongoing basis for violations that occur off work hours, included citations, DUIs, and newly suspended licenses.


Why perform DOT Prior Employment Background Checks?

DOT regulations prevent someone who has failed a drug or alcohol test from working again at any company until he or she has been cleared to work by a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) and has passed a return-to-duty drug and alcohol test. Furthermore, these individuals are also subject to an ongoing series of follow-up testing at the direction of the SAP.

For all of these reasons, it is absolutely critical that you know the prior test results of all new hires. In any event, if you are hiring anyone covered by DOT drug and alcohol testing regulations, DOT requires that you perform this background check.

As of January 2020, for motor carrier operators, there is a FMSCA Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse that can be checked for prior violations. Health Street can perform this function for DOT employers in the trucking industry.

It is important to note that because employers need to look back for a total of three years, employers still need to contact the companies that employed their driver applicants before January 2020, when the Clearinghouse was not yet up and running. Health Street does this work as part of our DOT Prior Employment screening. In January 2023, when a full three years of data will be in the Clearinghouse, employers (or Health Street acting on their behalf) will be able to just check there without having to go back to other companies.

Combine DOT Prior Employment & MVR Check with Criminal Background Check

Choose from one of our pre-built packages or mix and match to build your own custom background check package.

DOT Background Check