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VH1 Announces Swab Stories

VH1 unveiled a new show about Health Street's Who's Your Daddy truck and the insanely dramatic DNA testing that occurs there, to premiere in Spring 2015.
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A new TV show featuring Health Street and our famous Who’s Your Daddy truck will be premiering in Spring 2015, VH1 announced Wednesday. Swab Stories was announced as part of VH1’s full slate of new shows, and was first reported in the Hollywood Reporter. The season is being taped this year.

About the series

The series of episodes will showcase the amazing, captivating, and often cliff-hanging stories of drama that happen on the DNA testing truck every single day. Alternating heartbreak with overjoyed happiness, Swab Stories opens a window onto a world of family mysteries, long held secrets, buried fears, and decades of waiting for answers to burning, fundamental questions about identity, fidelity, and relationships.

Whose stories will be featured?

Real stories about real Health Street clients, including: people who find long lost (possible) siblings, people who discover that their parents may not really their parents, people who are shocked to the core to find out truths or overcome with excitement to put fears to rest. All of these situations will play out on the show just as they play out in the Health Street business. The only difference is that now the world gets to experience it along with us.


There is never a dull moment on the Who’s Your Daddy truck. Follow the blog for regular updates about the upcoming TV series, Swab Stories.

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