Workplace Drug Testing Laws in Missouri

There are not many workplace drug testing laws in Missouri to encourage drug testing or to limit it. However, certain employment drug screening laws must be met for workers' compensation and unemployment purposes.

All Missouri employers must become familiar with Missouri drug testing compliance and develop workplace policies regarding drug testing.

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Missouri Drug Testing Compliance

Missouri Drug Testing Laws Without Restrictions

Drug Test Issue Remarks
Recreational Marijuana As of December 8, 2022, recreational marijuana became legal in Missouri, and residents can possess up to 3 ounces of marijuana for personal use. However, employers can still conduct marijuana testing and even discipline their employees for testing positive for recreational use of marijuana.
Medical Marijuana In Missouri, while employers can enforce drug-free workplace policies and discipline for marijuana impairment at work, Amendment 3 offers protections for medical marijuana cardholders. These protections include prohibiting discrimination for lawful off-duty use, possession, or positive marijuana tests, unless such use affects job performance or workplace safety.
Instant or POCT Testing There are no employee drug testing laws in Missouri that prohibit or encourage instant or POCT testing, but testing to confirm the results may be required.
Substances Screened There is no state drug testing legislation that specifies the substances that may be or may not be screened for.
Testing for Alcohol Employers may test for alcohol. There is no statute in Missouri that either requires or prohibits testing employees for alcohol use.

Conditional Missouri Drug Testing Laws

Drug Test Issue Remarks
Random Testing
Random drug testing is allowed in Missouri, as long as testing is truly random and does not target specific employees or is used when there is reasonable suspicion.
In Missouri, random drug testing is allowed as long as employers do not discriminate.
Specimens Tested
There are no restrictions for specimens tested, unless drug testing is for workers' comp purposes.
For worker's comp drug testing, specimens are limited to fluid, tissue, or any bodily product that can show illegal drugs or their metabolites.
Workers Comp
Employees may lose benefits if they were under the influence at the time of the accident or injury.
Employers must familiarize themselves with Missouri Rev. Stat. §287.120.6.
Generally, there are no restrictions for laboratories and drug testing in Missouri.
Certified laboratories must be used when testing for workers' comp purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Missouri drug test for?

There are no workplace drug testing laws in Missouri that address drug testing for private employers. Employers can drug test with little restriction, so long as they don't discriminate, invade privacy or defame employees when developing workplace drug testing policies.

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