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Employers or individuals may need to test for nicotine due to a job requirement or as part of a program to quit smoking. Health Street's Nicotine Test looks for the presence of cotinine, which is the metabolite that is created shortly after using nicotine. This is a urine nicotine test, which means that nicotine use can be detected up to one week back.

Online registration is simple. You choose the lab location based on ZIP code during registration. An authorization barcode is instantly emailed to you and texted directly to the phone of the person being tested. A map of the clinic location will accompany the barcode. The registrant can then walk into the drug testing facility and show the barcode along with photo ID. Results are fast, signed by a doctor, and reported securely online. Individuals and employers can register online or call (888) 378-2499 to order drug tests.

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Nicotine Test Options

Nicotine Test
Some employers or individuals choose to test for nicotine due to the health risks that can be associated with it. This urine drug test looks only for nicotine. Find Clinic Now
5 Panel + Nicotine
Add a basic 5 panel drug test to the nicotine test. Find Clinic Now
10 Panel + Nicotine
Add our popular 10 panel drug screen for a more comprehensive test. Find Clinic Now
12 Panel + Nicotine
Our in-depth 12 panel drug screen is often the best value for employers and individuals. Find Clinic Now
20 Panel + Rohypnol, SOMA, & Nicotine
This is the most comprehensive panel that we offer that includes nicotine, which adds screening for 20 classes of drugs in addition to Soma (carisoprodol) and Rohypnol (Roofies). Find Clinic Now
5 Panel + Nicotine w/o THC
Add a basic 5 panel drug screen, and remove the THC or marijuana testing. Find Clinic Now
10 Panel + Nicotine w/o THC
This adds our popular 10 panel drug test, and removes screening for THC. Find Clinic Now
12 Panel + Nicotine w/o THC
The 12 panel drug test is the panel that we recommend most often. Select this option to add the 12 panel and remove marijuana. Find Clinic Now
5 Panel + Alcohol + Nicotine
If you need a basic drug screen combined with nicotine and alcohol testing, this is the way to go. Find Clinic Now
10 Panel + Alcohol + Nicotine
Add a 10 panel drug screen and alcohol testing to the nicotine test. Find Clinic Now

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does nicotine stay in your urine?

Several factors affect how long nicotine can be detected in your urine. Some factors include age, metabolism, and amount used.

How long does it take to pass a nicotine test?

Negative test results are typically available within one or two days of taking the test. Non-negative results take longer due to confirmation testing.

Does nicotine show up in a drug test for weed?

Each drug panel tests for different substances. While some marijuana tests also include nicotine, there are also many options that do not. It is important to look at the specific substances being tested if screening for a certain drug is required.

What is cotinine and its relation to nicotine?

Cotinine is a metabolite that the body produces when nicotine enters its system. It serves as an indicator of nicotine use in drug tests. Nicotine is the drug itself, and is commonly associated with cigarettes.

Does a urine cotinine test look for the same thing as the Nicotine Test?

Yes, our Nicotine Test checks for the presence of cotinine in urine.

How long does cotinine show up in urine?

Our Nicotine Test can look up to one week back. However, many factors can affect the window of detection.

About Our Nicotine Test

Our large variety of urine tests ensures that there is a solution for any employer or individual. We offer standard drug panels as well as specialized urine tests that check for specific substances. Since every urine test looks for different substances, it's important to check which drugs are being screened if a particular substance is required. Note that nicotine is the only substance detected in our Nicotine Test.

Our urine drug screen is the most popular type of drug test that we offer as well as the most inexpensive. Registering online is fast and easy, or we can assist you over the phone if preferred. The person being tested will come into one of our clinics to have a urine specimen collected by our professional technicians. Negative test results are usually available in one or two days. Non-negative results are usually available in about a week after confirmation testing is completed using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS).

Why Choose Health Street

Health Street is one of the most trusted providers for pre-employment drug testing. Our cutting-edge technology allows us to quickly and safely deliver drug testing results to individuals or employers. By providing employers with a secure way to review results, we help them mitigate risk and allow more time to focus on hiring the right candidates.

We also offer individuals the ability to discreetly get drug tested and review their results inside our online platform. Simply order a test online and visit one of our 10,000 locations nationwide, and our specialist will collect the necessary specimen. Within a few days, you can log into our online dashboard to securely review your results.

In addition to drug testing, we offer a suite of other services, including DNA testing and pre-employment background check services.

What Drugs Does a Nicotine Test Cover?

The following substances can be detected in our Nicotine Test. Use the below links for more information about each substance:

arrow_right_alt Cotinine (Nicotine)

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