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Pre-Employment Health Screening Programs

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Many companies require a pre-employment screening. This may include a pre-employment physical exam (human performance evaluation), specialized tests for certain industries, and a check for antibodies followed by, if necessary, vaccinations. Pre-employment medical exams ensure that new hires joining your business are physically healthy enough to perform the job requirements. It is also extremely important that they don't pose a harm to fellow staff, clients and customers.

We offer a wide selection of occupational health services, including antibody tests, employment physicals, respiratory health examinations, tuberculosis (TB) tests, vaccines, vision and hearing exams , blood tests and BioMetric exams. With our StaffGlass platform, you can create a complete health screening program for applicants and order health exams plus additional pre-employment screenings like drug and alcohol testing.

Why Choose Health Street?

We offer far more than just occupational health services for your company. Through StaffGlass, our integrated pre-employment screening and onboarding platform for our business clients, we provide a web-based solution for your pre-employment needs.

Streamline your hiring with additional pre-employment services like a built-in application tracking system, ID verification, drug testing, secure results and e-sign document management.

Tests can be scheduled at more than 14,000 nationwide clinics. Status and results can be tracked, viewed and stored on our secure platform.

Benefits include:

Medical examinations and drug tests can be securely ordered, scheduled and viewed from our cloud-based platform.
Convenient testing labs nationwide.
Status notifications at every step.
Safe, private and secure screenings and test results.
Accessible from anywhere.
Provides a seamless flow for your pre-employment process.
Once hired, the candidate record becomes an employee record for continuous testing and medical history, letting you monitor a person's health over time.

What Happens During a Pre-Employment Screening?

Pre-employment testing is more than just health. It also includes candidate verification, background checks, and drug and alcohol screening may also be required. In addition to health exams, we offer workplace drug testing, including DOT drug testing, so you can maintain a drug-free workplace.

Why Pre-Employment Health Screening of Job Candidates is Important

This isn't just a health concernit's also a financial one. If there is an accident in your workplace, your company may be held liable, and you may have to pay worker compensation. Just as you conduct background checks to make sure that a person has the necessary experience to become a valuable employee, you must also be concerned with whether they are physically up to the job.

The global coronavirus pandemic has brought the subject of pre-employment testing to the forefront of employer concerns. As an owner of a small or medium-sized business, or a human resources professional, you may want to require that a potential employee has the necessary COVID-19 antibodies present to protect themselves and others. The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) provides guidelines for employers on whether they can mandate COVID-19 vaccinations for their employees.

What Jobs Require Pre-Employment Screenings?

Some of the industries that require a health screening for a new job hire include hospitals (health care workers), the Federal Department of Transportation (truck drivers, bus drivers, etc.), law enforcement and education. These employers require pre-employment screenings because they are subject to and must comply with federal and state regulations. However, many other businesses also require that a new employee be screened for many different reasons.

Reasons for requiring a new employee to get a health screening before starting a job, other than regulatory, include things like:

contracts with other businesses with health specifications
union requirements
local ordinances

What is Tested with a Pre-Employment Screenings?

You can choose from pre-employment physical exams as well as testing services for respiratory health, vision and hearing, and to test for tuberculosis (TB) and antibodies that may be present. Our nationwide network of licensed labs also offers vaccinations and workplace wellness services (diagnostic blood tests and BioMetric tests). Our StaffGlass platform makes it easy for you to set up a pre-employment testing program for your organization.

Antibody Tests

Determining if a potential new hire has antibodies to certain diseases helps to protect them and those around them. If the test is positive, it means that either they had the disease or were previously vaccinated. Titer tests include COVID-19, Hepatitis A, B and C; Varicella (chicken pox) and MMR (measles, mumps and rubella). Our Hepatitis B surface antigen test checks for a certain protein that is present if an individual has hepatitis B.

Employment Physicals

Choose from a Non-DOT or DOT physical. DOT physicals (and DOT drug tests) are regulated by the U.S. Department of Transportation, rather than the authority of the person's employer, and this type of medical examination adheres to DOT requirements. This Physical examination will determine the health and wellness of the new employee and may include a vision test depending on the job requirements. DOT exams apply to pilots, truck drivers, bus drivers and train conductors, among other commercial drivers.

Respiratory Health

In the time of coronavirus, respiratory health exams have become essential for workers in medical fields and others who may come into contact with COVID-19 positive patients. Respiratory health is also important for employees working in hazardous conditions, such as those involved in aircraft manufacturing and workers in oil refineries. Our laboratories offer respirator evaluations and fit tests, pulmonary function and spirometry testing, EKGs and x-rays.

Tuberculosis (TB) Tests

Our tuberculosis tests include PPD tests, TB blood tests and chest x-rays. Purified protein derivative (PPD) is a skin test that can detect if someone has had TB. PPD tests can also be ordered along with our 5 panel or 12 panel drug tests. The Oxford T-SPOT is a unique blood test that can detect a tuberculosis infection. Chest x-rays are also available.


Vaccines protect new hires again serious illness while also preventing them from transmitting it to coworkers and clients. You'll find various vaccines available from our clinics, such as hepatitis A and B, tetanus-diphtheria (TDAP), MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) and varicella (chicken pox).

Hearing And Vision Testing

We offer four different eye examsIshihara, Jaeger, Snellen and Titmus. These refer to different charts that test a person's sight. Eyesight is obviously critically important, especially when the worker's safety and that of others may be at risk due to poor eyesight or color blindness.An Audiogram determines the softest sound that someone can hear at various frequencies. An audiogram can detect different levels of hearing loss.

Workplace Wellness

You'll find diagnostic blood tests and Biometrics exams in our Workplace Wellness category. Diagnostic blood tests include CBC Complete Blood Count, Comprehensive Metabolic Panel, Lipid Profile and Lipid Profile + Glucose. We also offer a complete package. A biometrics screening measures a person's health characteristics, such as weight, height, BMI (body mass index), blood pressure, blood sugar and blood cholesterol level. A test like this provides a "baseline" for future tests and can act as an alert for potential risk factors for certain medical conditions. Learn more about our premiere occupational health services