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In Washington, DC, some employers may require their staff to get certain occupational health tests to ensure that they can safely perform their jobs. Workplace testing often includes employment physicals, antibody tests, biometrics, diagnostic blood tests, respiratory health tests, tuberculosis (TB) tests, vaccines, or vision and hearing tests.

Health Street provides occupational health testing for many industries during the application phase, when employees return to work after an extended absence, after workplace incidents occur, and as part of a routine screening process. Identify dangers that could affect the wellbeing of staff or customers, and reduce the risk of illness or disease by scheduling an occupational health test at one of our professional clinics.

Registering for occupational health testing in Washington, DC is easy. Simply enter your ZIP code, choose a clinic, and register online. Occupational health tests can also be scheduled via phone by calling (202) 389-9685.

Occupational Health Testing in Washington, DC

Antibody Tests

(starting at $149)

Determine if a person has immunity to a specific disease, such as hepatitis, varicella (Chickenpox), or MMR.



(starting at $75)

Evaluate physical characteristics of a person and collect key measurements, such as blood pressure, weight, BMI, and more.


Diagnostic Blood Tests

(starting at $78)

Check for important health indicators in a person's blood like sugar level, electrolytes, and kidney and liver function.


Employment Physicals

(starting at $125)

DOT and non-DOT physicals are available in Washington, DC to meet the needs of all industries.


Respiratory Health

(starting at $80)

Respiratory screenings can include respirator fit tests, pulmonary function tests, EKGs, and x-rays.


Tuberculosis (TB)

(starting at $125)

Diagnose tuberculosis infections using PPD skin tests, Oxford T-Spot tests, or chest x-rays.



(starting at $229)

Vaccines are available for varicella (Chickenpox), MMR, tetanus, hepatitis A, and hepatitis B.


Vision & Hearing

(starting at $75)

Ensure employees can safely perform their jobs with four different vision tests and audiometric testing.


Washington, DC Occupational Health Laws, Acts, and Legislation

In 1988, Washington DC enacted the Occupational Safety and Health Act to create protections for employees through workplace regulation and enforcement. The Washington DC Occupational Safety and Health Act created a council to monitor and inspect workplaces for hazardous conditions. This legislation also established various fines and penalties that employers could face if found in violation of Washington DC occupational health rule.
Under the current workplace occupational health code, Washington DC hospital personnel are required to comply with employee physical and tuberculosis (TB) testing mandates to maintain employment. According to Washington DC Municipal Regulation 2017.1, all personnel involved in duties that include direct patient care must undergo an employee physical within 30 days of job placement and every two years after. This employee's physical examination must additionally include a tuberculosis test. Using current Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations, routine TB testing is not required unless a heightened risk of TB exposure is present.
With Washington DC following federal regulation, OSHA's bloodborne pathogen exposure workplace regulation must be followed by employers. According to OSHA Standard 1910.1030, Washington DC employers must follow a wide variety of protocols, including the implementation of an Exposure Control Plan used to protect employees from the potential exposure to bloodborne pathogens. In the event of possible exposure, an employee is also required to provide resources to a hepatitis B vaccination as well as post-exposure resources, including an antibody test used to measure the individual's level of immunity to hepatitis B.
With Washington DC employers facing federal regulation, employees who must possess a commercial driver's license (CDL) for work purposes are subject to a DOT medical exam. This exam includes an employee physical consisting of a hearing and vision test, urinalysis, and a physical examination. Test results will be used to determine if it's safe for an individual to possess a CDL, where they can then be provided a medical certificate to move forward with the licensing process.
The information provided on this page is intended for informational purposes only, and should not be used in place of legal counsel in the relevant jurisdiction.

Local information for Washington DC Occupational Testing

In the U.S. capital of Washington DC, both private and public employers are required to follow workplace occupational health regulations. Numerous regulations were put in place under federal law to create various forms of employee workplace protections that work to prevent illness and injury among workers. Washington DC occupational health services and laws can be used to mitigate workplace concerns through hazard identification and regulation.

Through the implementation of workplace occupational health best practices, Washington DC employers have the ability to reduce the frequency of workplace injury and illness. Reducing such occurrences can help keep employment levels high, overall aiding in more consistent business productivity. Likewise, a low rate of worker-related injuries and illness can also contribute to lower workers' compensation insurance premium costs.

As the capital of the United States, Washington DC occupational health regulations are governed by federal regulation. The Washington DC Office of Occupational Safety and Health uses guidance set forth by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to promote a safe workplace through ongoing monitoring and regulation. To better understand Washington DC workplace health regulations that may impact your industry, read more below.

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Employment Screening Services

Health Street offers a variety of other services, including:

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