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Health Street offers all of the child care background check services required to meet the qualifications of a federally-mandated "comprehensive background check." This includes sex offender registry checks, a criminal background check, FBI fingerprint check, and more. The ability to receive fast and accurate child care licensing background check services can help you easily screen applicants so you can confidently fill open positions. Scroll down to learn more about our child care and daycare background check services, or register now to get started.

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What Background Checks Does Health Street Offer in the Child Care Industry?

Criminal Background Check Packages

Every criminal background check ordered through Health Street always begins with a Social Security Number Trace. From there, you can add specific background checks, choose from one of our most popular packages, or build your own.

Platinum Background Check Package


Includes Everything in Triple Database Package (above) plus Courthouse Repository (State and/or County level).

Ultimate Package


Includes Everything in Platinum Package (above) plus a 10 panel drug test.

Build Your Own Package

(prices vary)

Customize your background check package to create the perfect package. Options include criminal database checks, sanctions, resume verifications, and drug tests.

Resume Verification

(starting at $39)

Background screening services to check a person's job history, degrees, and references.

DOT Background Check

(starting at $39)

Ensure DOT compliance with Health Street's driver screening services.


Relevant Statistics About Child Abuse and Neglect

As of April 2022, there were more than 760,000 people currently listed on state sex offender registries.
The states with the highest numbers of registered sex offenders include Texas, California, New York, Michigan, Illinois, Oregon, and Florida.
In the United States, at least 1 in 7 children have experienced child neglect or abuse in the past year.
Across the U.S., there were 615,000 victims of child abuse or neglect in 2020. Three in four of these victims experienced neglect, while 16% were physically abused, 9% were sexually abused, 6% were emotionally abused, and 2% experienced medical neglect.
In 2020, 72% of verified child abuse victims were 10 years of age or younger
In the same year, 1,700 children in the U.S. died of abuse and neglect.

Child Care Background Check

Laws Specific to Child Care Employee Background Checks

Federal law requires every state to complete a state and federal background check on all child care employees working in licensed or license-exempt, regulated, or registered child-care facilities. Each state can set its own requirements, so state law may vary somewhat. However, all states will have similar requirements to ensure compliance with federal law.

A comprehensive child care background check is required for all individuals who work at child care centers, family child care providers, or other services providers such as schools or community-based organizations. This includes anyone who may have unsupervised contact with the children such as janitors, kitchen staff, sports instructors, bus drivers, and administrative employees. In addition, anyone over the age of 18 who lives at an in-home daycare facility must also submit to a comprehensive background check.

There are a few exceptions. For example, if the provider only offers child care to children to whom they are related, a background check is not required. However, for this to remain true, the provider may not care for any children who are not related to them. Some states require a comprehensive daycare background check for volunteers and others do not, so it's important to confirm the law in your state. Some employers may decide to background check everyone, even if it is not required. This can give you extra peace of mind and may reduce potential liability if an issue were to occur.

Federal law requires child care providers to request a comprehensive background check for each staff member. The law does allow for staff to begin working in the facility before all pieces of the background check are completed, as long as they are supervised at all times by another staff member who has already successfully completed their background check. In addition, every staff member is required to re-complete their background check at least once every five years.

Benefits of Conducting a Child Care Background Check

The primary purpose of required child care background checks is to ensure child safety. By doing an FBI fingerprint check, employers can verify that potential staff members do not have any type of criminal history that could put a child's safety or health at risk. Comprehensive background checks also confirm that the person has not committed child abuse or neglect and is not a registered sex offender.

Completing the required background checks keeps you in compliance with the law and helps ensure that no child is harmed while under your care. It can also help you make sure you're only hiring reliable and trustworthy staff. In addition, having the proper licensing and background check documentation in place helps put parents' minds at ease when they are searching for a child care provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Included in a Comprehensive Background Check?

Federal law outlines exactly which types of checks are required as part of a "comprehensive background check." This includes checking each of the following:

The National Sex Offender Registry (run by the U.S. Department of Justice)
FBI fingerprint check
National Crime Information Center (run by the FBI)
State sex offender and criminal registries
State child abuse and neglect registry

Checks are performed for the state in which the applicant currently lives, as well as each state they lived in during the previous five years.

What are the federal background check requirements for child care providers?

The federal government requires each state to conduct criminal background checks on every child care employee who works in a registered, regulated, licensed, or license-exempt child care provider.


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