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Pre-Employment Drug Testing

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A pre-employment drug test is a screening for illicit substances that companies require of new hires just prior to the start of a job. Employers use pre-employment drug testing as a strategy to weed out drug users by discouraging them from applying to the company in the first place, or catching them just before they begin employment. Simply requiring this test sends a strong message about the values of a company and what they will and won't tolerate in their job candidates.

There is no one standard for pre-employment drug testing. In fact, the drug screening itself can take various forms, including urine or hair testing. Some companies develop their own standards and policies for which drugs they wish to include in the test, and which method they use for testing. Many other companies are subject to state and/or federal regulations, such as DOT drug testing regulations, which stipulate exactly which type of test they must administer. Health Street can help you choose which type of testing is right for your company. Call (888) 378-2499 for assistance.

Why Perform Pre-Employment Drug Testing?

Employing individuals who use illegal substances puts your business at financial and legal risk. Drug abusers have a negative impact on the overall productivity of the workplace. Numerous studies show that having drug users on staff create an increase in:


Implementing pre-employment drug tests, sometimes called post-offer drug tests, is the first and most important step in ensuring a drug-free workplace. The costs associated with administering drug tests will save your company money, time and valuable resources.

DOT vs. Non-DOT Pre-Employment Drug Testing

DOT Pre-Employment Drug Testing

DOT requires pre-employment drug testing prior to the start of any safety sensitive functions (such as driving a truck) in any company governed by DOT regulations (for example, trucking, shipping, oil, aviation, etc.).

Non-DOT Pre-Employment Drug Testing

Companies that are not required to follow DOT regulations still have the option to conduct their own non-DOT drug testing. Health Street offers a host of non-DOT drug tests to choose from, as well as information about non-DOT drug and alcohol compliance.