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Legal DNA Testing Services

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A legal DNA test is a type of DNA test that is performed using strict “chain of custody” procedures that first establish the legal identity of the persons being tested; the resulting report is court admissible. Typically, professional technicians collect buccal cell specimens from the inner cheeks using simple cotton swabs, and take photographs of the participants. Government issued ID is typically required.

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About Legal DNA Testing Services

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How Does it Work?


Health Street's legal DNA tests are administered by one of our professional technicians at a clinic, or by home or hospital visit. Specimens must be collected from both parties, but they don't have to be collected at the same time or in the same location. However, appointments are required.

Blood test vs. mouth swab?


For a proper, legal DNA test to be performed, an inner-cheek swab of the properly identified parties to obtain their buccal cells is all that is necessary. Puncturing the arm to obtain blood is not required nor desired. Blood offers no advantages in terms of accuracy or number of chromosomes identified. Therefore, except in rare instances or in cases of prenatal paternity testing, a mouth swab is the preferred method to conduct a legal DNA test.