Maryland Background Checks

Maryland background checks are a proven way of verifying information about the people you wish to hire. Health Street’s criminal background checks in Maryland allows you to screen state and county courthouse records plus several national criminal databases. We can confirm if an applicant fabricated their resume, lied about their education, or provided false information. Failure to screen new hires with employment background checks in Maryland could result in legal problems for your business if someone commits a crime at work. Ensure the safety of your business - start with Maryland background checks from Health Street.

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What Background Checks in Maryland does Health Street offer?

Background Check Packages
A la carte background check options:

Why Health Street For Maryland Background Checks?

Health Street combines industry knowledge, a committment to accuracy, and a spirit of fairness when performing background checks in the Free State. Comprehensive employment screenings keep you and your business from stumbling into legal problems. A thorough background screening is essential to confirming that your new hires in Maryland are qualified and honest.

Health Street’s combination of high tech and high touch make background checks in Maryland fast and reliable. We offer simple, secure web technology matched with local court runners to protect your company.

Due diligence is critical. Poorly performed background checks can expose you in the following ways:

Not uncovering a past criminal record.
Revealing personal or excess information that cannot, by Maryland employment law, be taken into account.

In either case, you could be held legally liable. It is critical that you stay in commpliance with local labor laws. Let Health Street’s experts conduct your background checks in Maryland so you’ll know that your candidates have been fully and properly vetted before hire.

Job Applicant Fairness Act

Maryland’s Job Applicant Fairness Act covers an employer’s ability to check the credit reports or credit history of employees or job candidates. Under this act, employers are not allowed to use the information contained in these reports to make decisions regarding hiring or termination. Credit reports also may not influence an applicant’s or employee’s pay rate or other conditions of employment.

This law doesn’t apply to all employers. Those who are exempt include:

Employers who are required to check credit reports under state or federal law
SEC-registered investment advisors
Most banks and publicly-traded credit unions
Privately insured credit unions that are approved by the Maryland Commissioner of Financial Regulation

Employers who are not exempt may review credit reports if one of the following circumstances apply:

The applicant has already been offered a job and the information contained in the report won’t lead to a termination or influence pay rate or employment conditions.
The employer has what’s known as a “bona fide” reason for requesting the information and the reason is “substantially job-related.”

A “bona fide” reason includes:

The person is being considered for a management position
The person will have access to customers’, employees’, or employers’ personal information
The position involves a fiduciary responsibility
The position includes access to a corporate credit or debit card
The person will have access to confidential business information

If one or more of these situations apply and the employer will review a credit report, the employee or applicant must be notified in writing.

Note that credit reports are also covered under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. This states that the employer must obtain permission before requesting an applicant’s or employee’s credit report. In addition, if the contents of the credit report lead to taking an “adverse action,” the employer must notify the individual in writing.

Ban the Box

On February 29th, 2020, Maryland became the latest state to “ban the box.” This term refers to the common practice of including a question regarding criminal records or felony convictions on job applications.

Under this new law, employers with 15 or more employees may no longer ask a job applicant whether they have a criminal record at any point before the initial in-person interview. However, during or after the initial interview, employers may still require applicants to disclose information about criminal records or accusations.

This rule doesn’t apply to employers who are required or authorized to check criminal records under state or federal law. It also exempts employers who provide services to vulnerable adults or minor children.

DOT Background Screening Services

If your business hires truck drivers, DOT regulations require that you reach out to prior employers as well as check the FMCSA Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse for violations. You also need to run a Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) to ensure that your drivers have a clean, safe driving record.

Health Street takes this work off of your hands and stores your Maryland background checks securely in the same convenient online portal where you can manage your DOT drug testing and random pool. We contact prior employers, check the Clearinghouse on your behalf, and report it all back to you in a comprehensive background check report, that includes:

Conducting historical research of Maryland driving record
Contacting prior employers from before the Clearinghouse began in January 2020.
Checking the FMCSA Clearinghouse for drug and alcohol violations reported on or after January

Credential Verification

Sometimes, the job candidate who seems to be most qualified is lying on his or her resume. In fact, it is quite common for people to misrepresent their education, degrees earned, and work history in order to qualify for a job that they otherwise would not obtain. An unqualified employee – especially one who forges aspects of their experience – creates serious risks for business leaders and HR executives.

Health Street’s background checks in Maryland can verify a person’s resume, confirming the information that they have provided to you about their education, employment history, professional licensure, and degrees earned. We can even check references. Including these options on your background check in Maryland gives you and your business the protection it deserves and the knowledge that you are hiring honest, qualified candidates.


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