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Annual Health Check-Up Programs for Employees

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Does your workplace require an annual physical exam for every staff member? Certain industries require annual physical exams, such as jobs that require manual labor, healthcare workers, first responders and commercial truck drivers. If your company offers your team an employee wellness program, an annual physical exam can be used to monitor the person's health over time.

For certain positions, an annual employee health checkup may be required for continued employment. In the case of voluntary employee wellness, an annual health check helps workers keep track of their health and may give them early knowledge of a potentially serious health issue.

Types of Annual Physicals

Health Street offers comprehensive physicals that meet Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements for commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers, as well as standard physicals. You can order a health checkup package that includes standard or DOT drug testing.

We also offer biometric screenings and diagnostic blood tests for corporate wellness programs. Our business clients use our integrated software solution for their employee annual physicals as well as other occupational health services and pre-employment services that we offer.

How Health Street Can Streamline Your Employee Health Screening

Managing an annual health check for all your employees can be a complex procedure. This is especially true if you're using different software programs and websites to order tests, correspond with staff, schedule exams, track the status of those and other occupational health checkups, and view results. What if you could integrate everything into a single easy-to-use application?

With StaffGlass, our web-based recruitment and onboarding platform, you can order and schedule an employee health checkup for multiple employees, and you'll get notified of the status of those preventive screenings every step of the way. You can then view the results securely from the dashboard. Choose from a wide range of occupational health services, such as work physicals, a hearing test or a vision test, antibody screenings, drug testing and more. We help companies assemble custom corporate wellness programs for their staff.

StaffGlass offers the following advantages for companies with workplace health checkup programs:

More than 10,000 certified clinics nationwide
Web-based, mobile-friendly platform – accessible from anywhere
Seamless transition from candidate screening to new hire onboarding
Employees can choose their physical examination time and location
Regular status notifications
Secure viewing of results from the dashboard
Includes e-sign document management for screening consent forms
State-of-the-art data encryption and data management

Pre-Employment Screenings and Annual Check-Ups

Requiring a pre-employment screening for a job applicant will serve two purposes. One is to ensure that they have the physical fitness required for them to perform their job duties efficiently and safely. The other reason is to have baseline measurements to compare with annual exams that let you track their health over time. Monitoring the health of your employees is an easier task with Health Street's nationwide network of licensed clinics and our StaffGlass software, a web-based platform that lets you order, track, view and manage your company's health screenings.

Workplaces That Require an Annual Employee Health Checkup

There are certain work environments where OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) requires regular medical exams to protect workers' health. Industries that require annual physicals to protect the public include healthcare professionals, home care workers, and operators of commercial vehicles. The DOT Physical is mandatory for all commercial motor vehicle (CMV) driver, and all drivers are required to have a Medical Examiner's Certificate.

Legal Requirements Related to Company Checkups

When requesting medical exams for candidates and employees, employers must follow employee health regulations according to Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Pre-employment physicals are only allowed when they relate directly to the person's ability to carry out primary job responsibilities. If this is the case, they can only be requested after a conditional offer of employment has been made. As for annual screenings that are part of a workplace wellness program, the team member must voluntarily choose to participate. They cannot be forced to do so.

What Does an Annual Check-Up Include?

During annual physical exams, the following will be measured and documented: height, weight, blood pressure, BMI (body mass index), respiration rate, previous medical history, existing medical conditions, allergies and social history — aspects of a person's private life that may be medically significant.

Can an Employer Require an Annual Physical?

If yearly physical exams are not part of the company's workplace wellness program, the employer cannot require any worker to submit to the exam. Participation in the program, including annual physicals, must be fully voluntary as per ADA regulations.

What is a DOT Physical?

DOT physical exams are the exams that safety sensitive workers in the transportation industry, such as truck drivers, must pass in order to be permitted to work. The exams include a standard physical, hearing and vision tests, a blood test, and a urinalysis. Truckers and other safety sensitive workers that fall under DOT regulations must get DOT physicals on a periodic basis specified by their modality (e.g., the Federal Motor Carrier Services Administration). The DOT medical exam must be taken by CDL drivers at least every two years, and more often than that if it is deemed necessary by the medical examiner. The exams must be conducted by a licensed medical examiner that has been approved by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and is in their registry. Health Street provides a full range of DOT-compliant physicals, drug tests and other health services.

The FMCSA provides answers to frequently asked questions about DOT medical requirements.

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Protecting an Employee's Health Information

The sensitive health information of an employee is referred to as Personally Identifiable Information (PII). The handling of this type of information is carefully regulated by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) under its HIPAA guidelines. Except for certain rare instances where an employer can obtain a worker's health information from a health care provider, the individual must provide authorization.

Become a Health Street business client, and we'll assist you in setting up your company's employee health check-up program. Discover how preventive health evaluations help workers to stay safe and healthy — and fit for duty.


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