5 Panel Hair Follicle Drug Test

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5 Panel Hair Follicle Drug TestHealth Street's 5 Panel Hair Follicle Drug Test screens for drugs that have been taken in the past 5 to 90 days (approximately). A small amount of hair (approximately 60 to 120 strands) is cut and sent to our lab for analysis.

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5 Panel Hair Follicle Drug Test

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How Does It Work?

We need at least 3.9 cm or 1.5 inches per strand to perform this test. We can use hair from the head, chest, leg, or armpit. However, if your hair (or the hair of the person who will be tested) is shorter than 1.5 inches long on your head, you must select the body hair option.
Many (but not all) of our clinics perform hair tests. Of the ones that do, only certain ones will perform it on body hair. We’ll be sure to set you up with the right clinic location based on your specific needs.

When will I get my results?

Results for hair tests are typically available in 2 to 4 business days. Non-negative results take longer. All results are reviewed and signed by a physician medical review officer, known as an MRO. We’ll notify you to call the MRO if your results are not negative. This is your opportunity to explain any prescription medications you might be taking, prior to the release of the results. Once purchased, you’ll receive a registration code that can be used at the nearest clinic to the city, state and/or ZIP code you choose. You can order this test conveniently online here, or call us for assistance. The registration code comes via email within one hour during normal business hours, or the next business morning if ordered after hours.

What substances are included in the 5 Panel Hair Follicle Drug Test?

  • Marijuana (THC)
  • Opiates (including Heroin, Codiene, and Morphine)
  • PCP (Angel Dust)
  • Cocaine
  • Amphetamines (including MDMA, Molly, and Ecstasy)

What substances are not included in the 5 Panel Hair Follicle Drug Test?

While this is a good, basic hair test, it doesn’t screen for everything. You may wish to upgrade to include the following substances: